Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Various - Think Smart Soul Stirrers; Jerk It At The Party In Chinatown (Kent 064)

Donald Height - You Can't Trust Your Best Friend

Think Smart Soul Stirrers; Jerk It At The Party In Chinatown


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Kent 064

We may still currently be computerless but that's not gonna stop Soundological from comin' correct with some more soul! Here's another Kent comp, this time with an unfortunate name that most assuredly was arrived at after an all-nighter but obviously before the amphetamines
had a chance to wear off. For this outing, the crew excavates the catalogues of NYC's Old Town and Barry records for some obscure singles and comes up with a few gems.

Although it's not the most solid compilation put out by the label, it's still a heavy hitter and has found a practically permanent place in my playing out crate thanks to the lovely latin boogaloo tracks by Hector Rivera, especially "I Want A Chance For Romance" which you can check out by following the link below. TSSSJIATPIC was the first time the tune was reissued but Italy's Souful Torino has recently repressed the single itself so all you 45 freaks can find it at your favourite shops, including Dusty Groove. Other highlights include the toe-tappin' title track by The Fiestas, Lester Young's
(not Count Basie's horn player) groover obviously made to cash in on Robert Parker's classic soul anthem from the same year and Donald Height's bluesy track with a boss organ line that's reminiscent of Jamaica's late rocksteady/early reggae sound.

According to Kent, when Hy Weiss, the owner of Old Town and Barry publishing rights, hung up his holster to head out for greener pastures in the 90s, the song rights transferred to a big publishing house and this collection was deleted as a result. A few years ago they arrived at a deal with the current holders and were able to reissue this as CD with 15 extra tracks under the title "Old Town & Barry Soul Stirrers."

1 The Gypsies - It's A Woman's World (You Better Believe It)
2 The Fiestas - Think Smart
3 Jesse Johnson - Left Out
4 Lorraine & The Delights - Baby I Need You
5 The Gypsies - Jerk It
6 Lester Young - Barefootin' In Chinatown
7 Hector Rivera - I Want A Chance For Romance
8 David Coleman With The Hector Rivera Orchestra - My Foolish Heart
9 Freddie Houston - If I Had Known
10 Donald Height - You Can't Trust Your Best Friend
11 Irene Reid - We're Gonna Make It
12 Thelma Jones - Souvenirs Of A Heartbreak
13 Yvonne & The Violets - Cross My Heart
14 Hector Rivera - At The Party
15 Bobby & Betty Lou - Soul Stirrer
16 Beverley McKay - You Better Believe Me

Think smart and stir your soul with Soundological HERE or HERE.


Ogro said...

Thanks so much for these Kent-records. And now everybody: "You gotta think smart, oh yeah!"

Best wishes,

cheeba said...

My pleasure Ogro!

djandpete said...

thank you this kent stuff is brilliant thanks

DJInnaSoul said...

You keep posting this Kent back catalogue and you keep my Dad smiling. Thank you thank you thank you.

cheeba said...

@djandpete, glad to see you back and you're always welcome!

@DJInnaSoul, hey a happiness two-fer-one! There's still quite a few to get to here so stay tuned!

Vincent the Soul Chef said...

:) thank you :)

Peace and blessings.