Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Manu Dibango - Manu Dibango 1971-1978 (aka Collection Blanche)


Besoka On Salsa

Manu Dibango 1971-1978 (aka Collection Blanche)


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Festival ALB 365

If you've already grabbed all the available releases from Dibango's discography post at Soundological, this collection still holds five exclusive treats for you: "Rencontre," "Soukouss," "Besoka On Salsa," "Biso" and "Idiba." None of them appear on any of the albums linked in that discog and since it is the single most-visited post at S.I.,
offering it here seemed a pretty simple way to make at least a few folks happy! Hopefully it also helps E-mile on his (relatively) new mix series, Africa Calling. If you like music from the mother continent, check out all four volumes!

Of most interest to Dibango fans are the rare tracks "Biso" and "Idiba" which have not made other compilations and are otherwise only available on the 1971 album Soma Loba or the Festival repressing of that LP from the same year, simply called Manu Dibango. As such, they pre-date the afrobeat direction and are more along the lines of the rhumba/souk sound popular in the region during the late 60s and early 70s.

Some of the other rarities
not appearing on the discog post include "Rencontre" and "Soukouss," both from the Accord collection Soul Makossa released in 1985. The latter (along with "Besoka On Salsa") are otherwise only available on b-sides of singles or, appropriately enough, on the 2002 collection B-Sides, released by Dibango's own Soul Makossa records.

1 Soul Makossa
2 Kata Kata
3 Rencontre
4 Soukouss
5 Besoka On Salsa
6 Touba
7 Hibicus
8 Biso
9 Idiba
10 Wasa N'dolo
11 Nights In Zeralda
12 Oa Na Mba
13 Lakisane
14 Wild Man In The City

Soundological's Manu mission continues with part I HERE or HERE and part II HERE or HERE.


E-mile said...

Cheeba, thanks for the plug! I have this 2LP myself (though it is in rather poor shape) and I must thank you for saving me the trouble of digitalizing it :-)
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

Thanks for this cheeba !

cheeba said...

You're welcome, gentlemen!

flageolette said...

Many thanks Cheeba!


Lefabw said...

Hi, I have been looking for this album for many many years. Where can I purchase the Manu Dibango - Manu Dibango 1971-1978 (aka Collection Blanche) album. My favourite song is rencontre.

cheeba said...

Hi Lefabw, Rencontre is an excellent song! Unfortunately the record is long out of print. You will have to try and track down a used copy and/or order by mail.

You might try Gemm first, they have a few copies for sale listed here.

Good luck!

verge said...

Oooh, I missed this one. I love me some Manu Dibango shit. Got his main LP's but this is much appreciated. Thanks!

cheeba said...

Hard not to love Manu, ain't it verge? There's a couple here you won't get on those main LPs, so hope you enjoy!

Euskaio said...

Rencontre, Hibiscus, Lakisane, Wild man in the city and Wasa'n'dolo are the best songs ever of Manu!!!
I bought the used double vinyl album at Discogs in Berlin via mail.
Greetings from Basque Country and hope for a beautiful 2011.

beeden said...

Many thanks for sharing, very much appreciated. Just wish Manu would visit Australia for a gig or three.
If you have copies, any chance of a re-up of the "Ceddu" and "L'Herbe Sauvage" albums as cannot get the links to work?
Thanks again

Franco said...

Thanks for the Lossless version of this!!