Thursday, 1 October 2009

Baretta - Great Adventures

Baretta: Great Adventures

256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Wonderland WLP 309

And now for something completely different...

I ripped this one before checking to see if it had been posted and, to my double-delight, it had not plus I found my way to the Franklin Mint Blog, a
super awesome compendium of 70s kiddie pop culture where I picked up a load of these cool Wonderland LPs. It saved me the trouble of digitizing a few, although I may get around to doing Godzilla one of these days.

As you can tell from the excerpts, there's some dope library music throughout these positively riveting suspense stories and even a break or two that might be worth lifting. Dude doesn't sound anything like Robert Blake but hey, the kids listening to this likely weren't old enough to catch the late-night gritty adult detective drama during its heydey, so whadda they know?

1 Polly Wants A Cracker
2 Pretty As A Picture
3 Payment On Demand

Oh yeah, Polly? Well, Soundological's got your cracker right HERE. (Link updated May 23, 2013)


alphabet said...

"positively riveting suspense stories"
Thanks for this and for putting me on to the franklinmint blog. Would you happen to know any of the library records where these tracks came from??

cheeba said...

Hey alphabet! Not only are they positively riveting, they're fully dramatized - no half steppin' here!

Tried to dig up some info but Wonderland is long defunct. I found reference that they provided some in-house music and some was licensed library material. However, that source was a little sketchy.

Hopefully one of blogland's library specialists decide to download and can ID...

Franklin Mint said...

Thanks for the plug.

I've always wanted to hear the Baretta Wonderland record. Now I can. But after I search your blog...

- Franklin Mint

Funky-Soul-Vinyls said...

great blog!

want to link blogs.


Moes Lake said...

I've never heard wonderland records, it's very interesting idea but I'd prefer it to have more music in between the stories. But as it is, is unique and interesting! Thanks!

cheeba said...

@Franklin Mint, more than happy to give you some Wonderland! I need to come 'round your spot more often, it is a treasure!

@FSV, done! Thanks for the link.

@Moes Lake, I too wish the music was more front & center - or even longer interludes. Glad you found this one entertaining!

flageolette said...

Superbe,my friend!


Allan Greenwald said...

Links are dead. Please re-post. Thank you.

cheeba said...

Too little too late?

re-posted today.

Allan Greenwald said...

Thanks so much! :D