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Jeannie Trevor - Sings!!

Jeannie Trevor Sings!!

256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Mainstream 56075

Preview clips:
Visit Me

Could any record be better suited to current predilections of Soundological? We have here a lesser-known chanteuse supported by the
Quartette Trés Bien recording for the first incarnation of Bob Shad's Mainstream records, wrapped in a wonderful Jack Lonshein pop-art cover. Although the QTB is not listed by name "due to contractual problems" (in other words, Bobby didn't want to pay Decca and/or Norman Wienstroer) their sound is unmistakable and Jeter Thompson is given ample room to shine on the ivories throughout. In fact, it pretty much sounds like a slightly poppier-than-usual QTB record with a vocalist and a horn player present - a good thing in this case considering the fine talents displayed by both soloists.

Jeanne Trevor was a Harlem native who trained in opera and then moved out west after graduation, eventually settling in St. Louis after a short stint in tinseltown. With her wide vocal range and ability to belt out big tunes as easily as she can sweetly and softly croon, she soon become a local icon in the swinging 60s scene revolving around the infamous Gaslight Square district. Mainly a live performer, aside from contemporaneous singles on local labels like Norman Records, "the first lady of St. Louis jazz" would not return to the recording studio for another 33 years (not counting the occasional voice work on commercials that garnered her a Grammy). Rather than delve into her long and illustrious bio here, you can read it elsewhere or watch a recent interview with her below.

Jeanne Trevor on KETC-TV St. Louis

Trevor and the QTB are joined on this set by another legendary Gaslighter, Hugh "Peanuts" Whalum. He's the uncle of smooth jazz sax sensation Kirk Whalum, who's been causing a stir the last few years with his The Gospel According To Jazz concert series, the most recent of which features George Duke. Although not the most recognised name in the biz, he's played with luminaries like Nat King Cole, Billy Exkstine, Miles Davis and Ella Fitzgerald to name but a few. Born in Memphis, Whalum wound up in St. Louis when he was touring with Lionel Hampton's band and the city happened to be the tour's last stop. Seems he just stuck around ever since.

Peanuts is often praised by industry insiders for his subtle improvisational skills and his personal approach to phrasing on sax. He's also highly regarded among musicians for his ability to effortlessly forge an emotional connection to both his material and his band-mates. Much the way a sports team's playmaker will chalk up more assists than goals themselves, Peanuts is one of those sought-after accompanists who focuses more on the final score than personal glory. Still plugging away at 82 on piano as well as tenor, he released his first solo album Hugh "Peanuts" Whalum in 2006 to high critical praise - head over to his MySpace page to hear some of the tunes.

Jeanne & Peanuts ca. 2009 c/o St. Louis Magazine

As you probably gathered from watching the interview or judging by the pic just above, Trevor also remains active on the scene to this day. As well as acting in plays and musicals, she continues to be a popular draw as a songbird both on tour and in St. Louis where, some 45 years on from the recording of this album, she can still be seen gigging with Peanuts. Besides the aforementioned release in 1998, she also appears on a recent CD, Together, a collection of standards in duet with yet another Gaslight Square veteran, Kevin Kruth.

1999 Love You Madly
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2009 Together w/ Kevin Kurth
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Jeannie Trevor - Vocals
Hugh "Peanuts" Whalum - Sax
Jeter Thompson - Piano
Richard Simmons - Bass
Albert St. James - Drums
Percy James - Percussion

1 People Will Say We're In Love
2 Don't Blame Me
3 Get Out Of My Life
4 I've Got You Under My Skin
5 Four
6 Lady With A Painted Smile
7 Moonlight Serenade
8 The Last Moment
9 I Know That You Know
10 From An Ancient Proverb
11 The Lady's In Love With You
12 Visit Me

If you happen to find this album for less than $50, consider yourself lucky. This rip is from a mono version (it seems almost impossible to find a stereo version) that was in excellent condition when it arrived on the doorstep. In fact, the original shrinkwrap was fully intact and only removed so the cover could be properly scanned for posterity. You can have your own personal powwow with Jeannie, Peanuts and the QTB by checking out the comments.


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Arkadin said...

Many thanks again for this one, mate! Jeannie Trevor is a real discovery I wouldn't know without your investigations. Some tracks also have a little QTB-feel which is always welcome!

freebones said...

what an incredible album cover.

cheeba said...

@Arkadin, I was very pleasantly surprised at this one as well. It's been on pretty regular rotation chez cheeba the last couple of weeks. Actually ordered her 1998 CD from Amazon this week since it was only $2 new! Can't believe a talent like her didn't record more...

@freebones, totally agree! Not sure if it's because I grew up as a serious comic book geek in the 70s and 80s or if it's my addiction to pop culture but now that I own it, it's one of my fave covers in my record collection.

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What great album art. Looking forward to hearing this one. Thanks for the share. ;O

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You're more than welcome Oracle! Should be right up your alley as it has a lot in common with your posts over at Portal of Groove.

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Thanks for sharing this.

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You're welcome AA...hope it's not ending up the CJC ;)

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Thank you for the efforts, research. She sounds great.

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Thanks for the post!

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the encouragement!