Tuesday, 22 December 2009

VA - Orishas Across The Ocean


Orishas Across The Ocean

320 CBR mp3
CD rip & scans from Ryko RCD 10405

As winter progresses, long after its foliage has been shed, the tree loses most of the moisture in its trunk and must rely more than ever on the sap stored in its roots. In this spirit, Soundological would like to share with you a healthy helping of the musical equivalent of sap from said roots and the wellspring from which the branches of most musical traditions featured on this blog -- Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, R&B,
Funk, Rock & Roll, Hip Hop, etc. -- have extended themselves.

Long OOP, this CD fetches a high price (a new copy can go for upwards of $70) and is valuable not only for its pristine presentation of remastered material from the Library of Congress (that's why these recordings fall under the public domain) but for the reverent and revelatory booklet that provides enlightening reading regardless of the degree of familiarity one may have with the religious and cultural diaspora from Mother Africa. One might say this collection is essential for both its text and context, so if you were not fortunate enough to find it a decade ago it's highly recommended you take advantage now.

AMG Review
by John Vallier
The 24 tracks featured on this compilation are aural snapshots of Haitian Vodoun, Cuban Santeria, Trinidadian Shango, and Brazilian Candomble religious ceremonies. They were originally recorded between the late '30s and the mid-'50s by such notable ethnologists as Laura Boulton, Melville Herskovits, and Lydia Cabrera. Culturally speaking, these recordings highlight African diasporic religions that originated with the Yoruba and Dahomean peoples and were brought to the New World with enslaved Africans. Retrieved from deep storage at the Library of Congress and digitally remastered by a team of audio experts, The Yoruba/Dahomean Collection: Orishas Across the Ocean is a powerful audio record that documents both the proud cultural legacy and sophisticated musical practices associated with Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Brazilian cultures.

Return to the roots for nourishment with Soundological HERE. (updated 2012-07-27)


Newk said...

Great selection. I'd actually forgotten that I once owned and sold off this CD when times were tough till I saw your post, then memories started flooding through. Thanks!

cheeba said...

Newk, I know the feeling. Back in the day selling off CDs was how I managed to make rent some months. There are a few I'm still trying to find again, years later. Glad you can enjoy this one again!

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Howdy Cheeba, email for ya bro.

Have a good un man.

taro nombei said...

This looks really worth checking out. Many thanks Cheeba.
And have a great Christmas/festive season.

taro nombei said...

Hey Cheeba
Just posted some Cuban orisha music over at my place.
Best wishes and have a happy, peaceful new year.

SlimStew said...

Wow--beautiful!--thank you. And, I hear you, Newk, about the selling of cds, and for me, lots of lps, during the lean times. Through these great blogs, I've managed to re-aquire a lot of these great OOP records, tho' this is not one of them--this beauty is new to me.

tonight at noon said...

incredible collection of posts you have here... just wanted to say thank you.

cheeba said...

Sorry for the lack of response guys - after taking a few3 days break I ended up in the emergency room over the holidays and had my right hand stitched up...typing sucked.

Thanks for the encouragement and thanks to the anonymous benefactor for your share (you know who you are)

Anonymous said...

Cliff Nobles & Co. 1968 - The Horse is beautiful. The whole blog is great. Thank you. Lovely Job. Peace, WRKB

Flabbergast said...

Wow! Amazing post, this is incredible -- thanks!

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Reloaded today!

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