Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lalo Schifrin - Gone With The Wave

Breaks Bossa Nova

Gone With The Wave


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Vinyl rip & scans from Colpix CP 492

Sorry for the lack o' links in today's post, it's my 1st wedding anniversary and I've got better things to do ;) See you in a few days!

Dusty Groove review:
Gone With The Wave is a Lalo Schifrin score for a Bruce Brown-like surfing documentary in the mid 60s -- but instead of the usual guitar riffing and bongo drumming on such a soundtrack, Lalo uses a lot of jagged jazzy lines -- working in a bit of light bossa, some heavier Latin rhythms, and plenty of cool instrumentation! The players alone make the set worth having -- especially the percussion from Milt Holland, Francisco Aguabella, and Shelly Manne -- as well as the light guitar touches from Howard Roberts, Bob Bain, and Laurindo Almeida. Paul Horn plays some great alto sax and flute on the set, Victor Feldman's on piano, and Frank Rosolino's on trombone -- and Lalo changes up the instrumentation from track to track to really keep the overall feel of the set incredibly fresh! review:
One of Schifrin's harder-to-find US scores, this killer surf jazz soundtrack features a great West Coast band inclduing Shelley Manne, Paul Horn and Howard Roberts. It's a driving, hard jazz score with some interesting elements from other cultures. Check out 'A taste of bamboo' and 'Breaks bossa nova' among many tasty tracks on here - but remember, it's jazz, daddio, so forget the funk for now...

Paul Horn - Alto Sax, Flute
Jackie Kelso - Tenor Sax
Frank Rosolino - Trombone
Victor Feldman - Piano

Joe Mondragon
- Drums
Shelly Manne - Drums
Milt Holland
- Percussion
Francisco Aquabella - Percussion
Howard Roberts - Guitar
Bob Bain - Guitar
John Pisano - Guitar
Laurindo Almeida - Guitar

Composed, Arranged & Conducted by
Lalo Schifrin

1 Gone with the Wave
2 Laniakea Waltz
3 A Taste of Bamboo
4 Halieva Blues
5 Taco-Taquito
6 Breaks
7 Aqua Blues
8 Surf Waltz
9 Five by Four
10 Breaks Bossa Nova
11 Waimea Bay



Anonymous said...

Great find! Many thanks.

Hanimex 3000 said...

funny sleeve! and cool review, I try this one.

David said...

I’m a big fan of Lalo, I didn’t know this one, and I can’t wait to discover it. I know I can’t be disappointed.
Thanks a lot !

cheeba said...

You're welcome guys!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great share.

avocado kid said...

surf-jazz, very interesting! I haven't encountered this particular sub-genre before! Are there other notable examples?

cheeba said...

Hey, AK! Thanks for dropping by again!

I know that Bud Shank also did a couple soundtracks for surf flix: Slippery When Wet and Barefoot Adventure both included on the Mosaic complete Bud Shank Studio Recordings collection.

Other than that, none come to mind...anyone out there have more to mention?

Jur said...

Thanks Cheebea,

Some groovy songs on this one. Especially liked "Breaks".

Also, congrats with your first wedding anniversary. Shouldn't you have devoted a post to her?


cheeba said...

Hey Jur, good to see ya again! Breaks is also one of my faves here and really like the Bossa version too.

Thanks for the kind words too. I know whatcha mean but since I've devoted my life to her, she lets me slide on the blog ;)

Anonymous said...

great post! thanx!!!

Julian said...

this sounds like it should be tasty! thx for sharing.

Simon666 said...

A Lalo Schifrin surf movie! Only at Soundological :) Great stuff Cheeba, thanks !

Anonymous said...

Yeah enjoyed this one, good for driving to the beach too...