Saturday, 22 November 2008

La Funk Mob - Tribulations Extra Sensorielles + Breaking Boundaries Messing Up Heads

Tribulations Extra Sensorielles


Breaking Boundaries Messing Up Heads

Welcome one and all to the 100th post at Soundological Investimigations! This was the week of milestones for SI, as we've received 10,000 hits just prior to wrapping up the first six months since we've kicked off and we'll be welcoming our 5,000th visitor sometime this afternoon! All we can say is... THANK YOU!!! All of you have made this endeavour a distinct pleasure! However, I would like to say a special thanks to a handful of folks in blogopolis for their inspiration, support or just plain awesomeness:

El Reza at Black Classical, Ish at Ile Oxumare and Simon at never enough rhodes for their guidance;
Julian for being my first guest-post and letting me be drop my first guest mix at playjazzloud; E-mile at E-mile says songs do the matter for his enthusiasm, dedication and excellent taste; thefunkygoat for being my first "follower" and Wallofsound for being the first to tell me he'd subscribed to the feed.

Kudos especially are due to adam, alex,
Andy, avocado kid, B3, Djalma, djandpete, flageolette, Gianni, Gorgon Jr., Hanimex 3000, JazzyPier, Jur, johnv, J Thyme...Kind, Lafayette, Kosta, pretoria, Solomon, the jazzman, Tom and Weekend Hippie for being class acts and consistently contributing to the comments. There's numerous others who took the time to drop a line and you're all appreciated but you folks have dropped numerous lines multiple times and you deserve recognition. You're the wind beneath my wings!

However, as a special thanks to ALL of those enjoying the blog, I've chosen to post the two groundbreaking EPs by French duo La Funk Mob. The Royaltie$ Overdue compilation on Mo' Wax we posted in July is far and away the most popular with 245 downloads compared to the next most popular post, Gato Barbieri's Chapter One which is clocking in at 140
(based on Rapidshare activity). They're followed by Blue Mitchell's Blue Mitchell, Marden Hill's Hijacked and Roy Ayers' All Blues in that order, all with 125 give or take a few. Although it's a great comp all around, it seems the LFM tracks on Royaltie$ stand up best to the test of time so I thought some folks out there would appreciate hearing more. Especially my fave track, 357 Magnum Force, which is rarely seen.

Another reason these were chosen to celebrate this milestone is that the the top two cities visiting us so far are London and Paris. What could better represent that electrosonic solidarity than the seminal sounds produced by French duo Boombass (interview and mix here) and Phillipe Zdar (some more Zdar sounds here) that were released on the incredibly influential UK label Mo' Wax?

BTW, if you're interested in where your fellow readers come from, here's the top ten urban centres ranked by Soundological citizens:

1 London, UK
2 Paris, FR
3 Berlin, DE*
4 Shinjiku, JP
5 Athens, GR
6 New York, US
7 Rome, IT
8 Melbourne, AU
9 Malaga, ES
10 Milan, IT

*Actually, the #3 city is "not set" due to net-savvy anonymous browsing and has been removed from the list.

Boombass and Zdar are using the moniker Cassius these days and have seen some deserved success in this century with their hyper-hiphop-French-touch-house-pop. Not much more to say about these legendary EPs of which these are the '96 reissues, except that Ravers Suck Our Sound And Get Fuck will always be one of my favourite song titles, even if only for nostalgic reasons.

Tribulations Extra Sensorielles
63.7 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Mo' Wax MW017

357 Magnum Force

1 La Doctoresse
2 Motor Bass Get Phunked Up
3 Suspense
4 Ravers Suck Our Sound And Get Fuck
5 357 Magnum Force
6 Blunt Konnection


Breaking Boundaries Messing Up Heads
70 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Mo' Wax MW023

Ravers Suck Our Sound (N.O.W. Mix)

1 Ravers Suck Our Sound
2 Motorbass Get Phunked Up (Electrofunk Remix by Richie Hawtin)
3 Ravers Suck Our Sound (Mystic Mix)
4 Ravers Suck Our Sound (Gangbang Mix)
5 Ravers Suck Our Sound (N.O.W. Mix by Nightmares On Wax)


This one's a freebie for all our visitors but next time there's a milestone, y'all will have to do a bit of work since it'll be all about the comments. Although Royaltie$ Overdue is our most plundered post, it also has one of the worst grab-to-blab (download to comment) ratios going here - only four folks found the time to drop a line. One thing you won't get from Soundological is a guilt-trip on leaving comments because it's the nature of the beast and we only have this to say: we'll go out of our way to please those who do participate so keep in mind how easy it is to leave a comment - it'll count as a vote for more of the same!


E-mile said...

hi cheeba, I have both these EP's on CD in the mo wax carton packages, excellent choice of oldskool trip hop! Recommended! (though I haven't heard them in YEARS :-)
peace, E-mile

ish said...

You have a great blog Cheeba. I wish you many thousands of visitors more.

Anonymous said...

great blog. great post. keep grindin'.

flageolette said...

Aah,Curious me became!!

Thanks & Cheers,

mdnardis said...

Many greetings & best wishes on your 100th. Thanks for La Funk & so many others. Cheers mdn


Great & fantastic blog!
keep up the good work!

Djalma said...

Thank you Cheeba for this amazing blog and all the sounds you came up with! This blog became my favourite hang out place in the last couple of months and you never ceased to surprise! Keep on what you're doing and peace brother...

cheeba said...

Thanks everyone! I haven't been visiting some of you recently due to time factors but hope to catch up on your blogs too!

Brother John said...

Mo'Wax & The Great French Touch !
Big Up from Paris !

Julian said...

love everything that these guys touched back in the day, including the first Cassius releases which were intense house french style! totally open the doors for Daft Punk. thx for sharing as usual! Need to dust off my copies and give them a listen.

Laurent said...

Yeaaaaahhh... Mo'Wax forever!
Thanx for these EPs.
You can find more on La Funk Mob with the excellent electronic blog called Ready 2 Learn.


g23 said...

thank you very much, saves me playing all my old Mo Wax vinyl!

Much Appreciated

MiXX said...

Thank you for Tribulations extra sensorielles, great blog.

Here's a link to my blog to a recent 320 kbps cd rip of Breaking Boundaries Messing Up Heads

Will add more mo wax stuff, i used to be an addict of this fantastic label.

T-Bird said...

Thank you SOOOO much!! used to have all this on vinyl and when i moved i had to let go of 90% of it.

cheeba said...

Hey T-Bird, you're welcome!

I feel your pain. I've had to sell off 1000s of vinyl a few times when I've had to make a major move. In fact, I started checking out music blogs a couple years ago just so I could replace OOP vinyl that I had to part with.