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Midnight Movers, Unltd. - Follow The Wind


Follow The Wind

86.5 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Buddah BDS 5603

Been meaning to rip this since I pulled it out as a reference for the Robin Kenyatta post a while back because he played on this recording. Other illustrious contributors include session regulars
Jimmy Godwin (Betty Davis), George Moreland (Isley Brothers), John Mosely (Isleys, Roy Ayers' Ubiquity), Daniel Ben Zebulon (Ubiquity, Stevie Wonder, Richie Havens, Labelle) and Earl McIntyre (Taj Mahal, Thad Jones, Norman Connnors, Gil Evans, Stevie Wonder and many more). (Note: Since originally posting found their compilation Truckin' at San Pasquale)

MySpace Bio
There are arguably no continuously working groups more intertwined with American soul music. Like the "Funk Brothers" - the collective of musicians who played on all the recording sessions at Motown Records - the Midnight Movers made their mark behind the scenes, backing up, touring with, producing, and arranging many of the genre's most famous artists. You've heard the famous wah pedal guitar work of original member Charles "Skip" Pitts on Isaac Hayes' "Theme to Shaft," as well as Curtis Pope's signature horn lines on the Isley Brothers crossover hit, "It's Your Thing." The band produced legendary Stax vocal duo, Sam & Dave, and its members have recorded with countless groups in all the major centers of American Soul music--Detroit, New York, Memphis, and Muscle Shoals--receiving national acceptance in an era marked by distinct regional sounds.

The band is perhaps most famous, however, for its decades-long collaboration with "wicked" Wilson Pickett. It was on the road with Pickett that the band perfected its compelling stage show with high-stepping choreography, seamless medleys, and playful approach to performance. Wilson Pickett's famous song, "I'm a Midnight Mover" was the inspiration for the band's name--a name under which the band released two full-length records of their own--'Follow the Wind' (1974) and 'Do it in the Road' (1970). "Wilson Pickett and the Midnight Movers" perfomed all over the world until 1997, when the Movers struck out on their own. Since then, the Movers have continued to hone their reputation as the best live soul band in the world playing outdoor festivals, weddings, corporate events, and private engagements of all kinds.

Dusty Groove review
One of THE psychedelic funk masterpieces of the early 70s -- a guitar-heavy set with a very fuzzed up feel -- one that's halfway between the work of Fugi and some of the best early sides on Westbound Records! But more than just guitar-heavy funk, Midnight Movers also have a fair bit of a groove -- a well-produced sound that's almost in the best funky Curtom mode of the early 70s -- with plenty of grit in the mix, but also a top shelf level of arrangements that brings the music into hiply sophisticated territory!

Bits of horns and keyboards are added in just the right doses to sweeten up the sound where needed -- but never in a way that loses the overall intensity of the groove. Titles include the great 2 part "Frankenstein meets Blackenstein", plus "Party (With Every Muscle in Your Body) (parts 1 & 2)", "Mississippi Foxhole", and "Follow The Wind"

Soul Strut review
I have a 45 by the Midnight Movers, Unltd. that I liked a lot, so I was hoping their album would be more of the same. The album gets off to a good start with Follow The Wind that has a nice build-up. The rest of the first side however is party Funk that doesn’t quite work for me. There’s a nice vocal loop at the beginning of Lost For Words however. Every song on the second side has something from the powerful instrumentals Frankenstein Meets Blackenstein and Mississippi Foxhole, to the cover of Long Train Running. Even the mellow song Sacrifice has feeling. The instrumental parts in Flight To Freedom are also quite good.

Follow The Wind Parts I & II

George Patterson Jr. - Alto & Tenor Sax, Keyboards, Flute
Curtis Pope - Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Harmonica, Vocals
Bernard Wills - Vocals, Guitar
Jack Philpot - Bari Sax, Organ, Percussion
Raymond Patterson - Lead Guitar
Blake Hinds - Electric Bass
Dave Williams - Drums

Charles "Skip" Pitts - Rhythm Guitar
George Moreland - Drums
Ernest Smith - Bass, Rhythm Guitar
Johnny Starr - Guitar, Vocals
Robin Kenyatta - Flute
John Mosley - Flute, Trumpet Solo (Track 10)
Earl McIntyre - Bass Trombone
Daniel Ben Zebulon - Congas
Jimmy Godwin - Bass, Rhythm Guitar

1 Follow The Wind
2 Mystery Woman
3 Can't Stand The Heat
4 Lost For Words
5 Party (With Every Muscle In Your Body) Part I & II
6 Frankenstein MEETS Blackenstein
7 Mississippi Foxhole
8 Long Train Running (Without Love)
9 Sacrifice
10 Flight To Freedom

Unfortunately side two has seen better days but with so few quiet moments on this burner, it's not so noticeable overall. Hopefully you agree but if not, too bad - it's free! If it really bugs you, there are lots of copies to be found for as low as $5ish if you dig deep and wide enough. In the meantime, you can get winded by Soundological HERE or HERE.


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very good band... just listened to it on bbc 6 ... great station... great blog! ... great band..

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