Sunday, 28 December 2008

Paul Baillargeon - Love In A 4 Letter World OST


Love In A 4 Letter World OST

69.9 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Gap Records APSE. 1051

Very rare and highly sought-after soundtrack with touches of Moog, psych, fuk, latin and breaks galore. As well as other Canadian TV and indie films throughout the 70s and 80s, Paul Baillargeon would go on to compose the soundtracks for Star Trek Voyager, Enterprise and Deep Space Nine. He was also highly involved in the Québécois music scene in general and has many credits for French artists such as JP Ferland, Ginette Reno and Celine Dion.

There's a good bio on PB ici for those of you who can read French, otherwise Google's translation into English is available here.
This album was also released in Québéc with the title Viens, Mon Amour. Psychébélique has a nice write-up on the LP (en Français) with a couple preview tracks - "Harizap" and "Moog-Over" (a.k.a. "Sans Raison") - plus a couple dope mid-70s Baillargeon tracks from 7" 45s as a sweet little bonus.

Popsike cache of
eBay sale 2006-12-10 (USD $124) review

I wonder what this movie is like, because the soundtrack is an insane MONSTER! No less than four funk tracks with huge drums and open breaks. Crazy psychy Moog tracks, a lovely soft rock scat vocal number called “Susan’s Ride” and a spot-on bossa nova groover called “Felicia-Nova.” The track “Cut-Out” is a funky killer, with the sharpest, punchiest drum sound ever and a really nice break. This is a beast, and really tough to track down. Apparently, there is another pressing of this on GAP entitled “Viens, Mon Amour” for French-speaking Canadians. The movie came out in Canada as the above mentioned “Love In A Four Letter World” and in the UK as “Sex Isn’t Sin.” The fact that not more people know this baby IS a sin!

Popsike cache of eBay
sale 2008-07-20 (USD $79) review

Brilliant funky soundtrack for a Canadian B-movie from 1970. Tracks like “Cago 9” and “Cut-Out” have drum breaks that will tear your head off! There are two great soft rock vocal cuts, and a terrific moog led funky space jam called “Moog-Over.” This is a KILLER funk soundtrack. Don’t believe me? Check out the review at:

1 Open Your Heart Now (Vera's Theme)
2 'Cago-9
3 Wake Up Candy
4 Susan's Ride
5 Sam's Theme
6 Harizap
7 Harry's Mission
8 Cut-Out
9 Felicia-Nova
10 Counting Up Dreams Again
11 Moog-Over
12 Vera's Theme

If "free" is one of your favourite 4-letter words then Soundological should be able to make you happy HERE or HERE.


Anonymous said...

i was lucky enough to dig up a nice copy of this record a few years back for a couple dollars and always cherished it as a rare gem that no one around me knew about. It's nice to see that it's finally getting some shine...

Andre said...

i like that sample. i gotta see what else is on here. thanks alot!

Hanimex 3000 said...

another magnifique post...

Jur said...

Hi Cheeba,

I can't stop listening to "Counting Up Dreams Again" It is so seventiesh. Brings back great memories of this decade.

It's a pitty that the song is so short.

Thanks a lot!

cheeba said...

Andre, you're welcome and hope you like the rest as well!

Hanimex, always appreciate when you can drop a line. I know you like it rare, so glad you enjoy this one!

Jur, you're always welcome! One of the reasons I like this OST is because it really is a musical cross-section of 1970. There's a few more on here I wish were longer as well.

Happy New Years guys!

g23 said...

sweet, thanks!

Reza said...

Hey cheeba , another gem thank you
Happy new year to you
I have another Canadian soundtrack you may not have ... Après Ski - Jacques Crevier & son ensemble will post at sounds of the edge if you wish

cheeba said...

Hey Reza, great to hear from you! Would love to listen to Aprè's supposed to be quite good but it's hard to find here!

Happy New Years to you too!!!

Reza said...

I have another Canadian ost somewhere Lee Gagnon - Jérémie

Julian said...

this looks real real cool! thanks for sharing mate. Looking forward to digging through the whole LP.

cheeba said...

Julian! Happy 2009 to you. I've been negligent with commenting at PlayJazzLoud since I've fallen behind... still mulling over the 12 records that define me!

You should like the whole soundtrack, it's urbane, eclectic and tasteful - much like you!

Anonymous said...

AH! I've been trying to track down mp3s of this record for a few years!!

Awesome! Thanks Cheeba!

Reza, I can't access and it's breaking my heart...

Thanks dudes!