Saturday, 29 August 2009

Various - NYC Soul (Kent 043)

New York City Soul


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Kent 043

The Megatons - Detroit Sound

Bobby Hebb - Proud Soul Heritage

Continuing with Kent, here's another assortment of NYC soul to accompany the Big City Soul collection posted a couple weeks ago. Not as strong an assortment, there's still some killers on here - as always. Personal fave here is the dope Detroit Sound by The Megatons, who bashed their bomb out in a bathroom, giving it a lo-fi sound that software just can't simulate. An oddity here is the anachronistic Proud Soul Heritage performed by Bobby Hebb, the man who The Beatles brought from the penthouse to the outhouse in a few scant days of opening his US tour. This updated version of PSH was actually the 7" b-side to a discofied version of his massive hit Sunny.

Speaking of which, this past week I picked up Hebb's Sunny LP in a lot of 500 albums I scooped up for $400. Although it was mainly a collection of 60s pop, psych, blues rock and country there were a few dozen nice little nuggets of doo wop, soul and jazz of which more than a few will likely find their way to Soundological. In the meantime, you Kent go wrong with another comp from Croasdell's ace imprint!

1 Brenda Lee Jones - You're The Love Of My Life vid
2 The Chiffons - Keep The Boy Happy vid
3 Billy Sha-rea - I'm Gone vid
4 Hoagy Lands - Friends And Lovers Don't Go Together vid
5 Hoagy Lands - The Next In Line vid
6 The Dynamics - Yes I Love You Baby vid
7 Johnny Gibson Trio - Beachcomber vid
8 Dean Parish - I'm On My Way vid
9 Carl Spencer - Cover Girl vid
10 The Jackson Brothers - I've Gotta Hear It From You
11 Lilly Fields & Hoagy Lands - Beautiful Music
12 The Megatons - Detroit Sounds
13 The Casualeers - When I'm In Your Arms
14 Johnny Law Four - Call On Me
15 Dean & Jean - Silly Little Girl vid
16 Bobby Hebb - Proud Soul Heritage

Soundological grapples with the Big Apple HERE or HERE.


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the KENT releases. I bought them on vinyl & CD back in the day and slowly lost or lent them. Good to hear them again.

Bill said...

Lovin these Kent LPs.Keep `em coming! and THANK YOU!!

DJInnaSoul said...

Dean Parish - I'm On My Way, what a classic, one of the first northern tunes I ever bought.

Many thanks ya legend.

flageolette said...

Thanks Cheeba!


Joe O'Beirne said...

Hi Great Site you have here! was hoping to grab the KENT and other albums, but all the download links seem to be down.... can anyone tell me is the site still operating? thanks