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Bill Doggett - Lionel Hampton presents: Bill Doggett

Lionel Hampton Presents Bill Doggett


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Vinyl rip & scans from Who's Who In Jazz WWLP21002

Dig The Thing

Charlie's Alley

Here's a little-known funk-flavoured set by one of the architects of Rock 'n' Roll, Bill Doggett. Famous for penning Honky Tonk, one of the first (and most influential) R'n'R instrumentals from the formative years when R&B and jump blues were morphing into rock, he worked that sucker to death the rest of his career and churned out a new version every couple of years to update it in the current pop musical idiom. One of the earliest proponents of the organ as well, a legion of articles on the man already exist but I'll direct you to excellent write-ups via the Be Bop Wino and bravo juju links below as well as the ever-insightful Funky16Corners.

According to the IAJO, this one might be a reissue of an album from the Tobacco Road label called I Wish You Love since it has the exact same line up - or vice versa. Lionel Hampton has 3 or 4 issues of a record by that name as well but couldn't find much reference to the LP under Doggett's name elsewhere, so I've left it off the discography until the claim is corroborated.

Hampton was big on using unknown cats throughout his career (probably due to the way he got his first big break back in the day) so the rhythm section here is composed of players with little bio info available. The exception is Sam Turner, who played conga for Hamp and other giants over a 30 year span. The horn players are familiar names, especially to readers of this blog who'll recognise Charles Williams due to his LPs on Mainstream records which have appeared at our sister site, the shad shack.

Bill Doggett - Organ, Piano

Lionel Hampton - Vibes

Larry Troit - Bass
Howard Overton - Drums
Sam Turner - Conga, Drums
Larry Luger - Guitar
Norris Turney - Alto Sax
Charles Williams - Alto Sax
David Brooks - Tenor Sax

1 Bill's Honky Tonk
2 Pots A Cookin'
3 I Wish You Love
4 Dig The Thing
5 Dug's Pad
6 Midnight Sun
7 Flying Home
8 Charlie's Alley

Bonus Tracks in DL:
Honky Tonk/Honky Tonk Popcorn 7" on James Browns' People c/o 45digs
The Way You Make Me Honky Tonk mash-up of Doggett and MJ c/o Voicedude


1955 Christmas Songs
at A Christmas Yuleblog
1955 His Organ and Combo
1955 His Organ and Combo, Vol. 2
1956 Dame Dreaming at EasyMusic
1956 Everybody Dance to the Honky Tonk
1956 Sentimentally Your's
1957 The Doggett Beat For Dancing Feet at Be Bop Wino
1957 Hot Doggett at Be Bop Wino
1957 Moondust
1958 A Salute to Ellington
1958 As You Desire Me
1958 Candle Glow
1958 Dance Awhile With Doggett at Be Bop Wino
1959 Big City Dance Party
1959 12 Songs of Christmas at A Christmas Yuleblog
1959 For Reminiscent Lovers, Romantic Songs
1959 High and Wide
1959 Hold It
1959 On Tour
1959 Swingin' Easy
1960 3,046 People Danced 'til 4 A.M. at thehookandsling
1960 Back Again with More Bill Doggett
1960 Bonanaza of 24 Songs
1961 Band with the Beat
1961 The Many Moods of Bill Doggett at Schadenfreudian Therapy
1962 Bill Doggett Swings
1962 Oops!
1962 Prelude To The Blues
1963 Fingertips
1963 Impressions
1963 Plays American Songs in the Bossa Nova Style
1963 Prelude to the Blues
1965 Wow! at bravo juju
1966 Honky Tonk a la Mod
1967 Honky Tonk Harmony
1969 Honky Tonk Popcorn
1970 The Nearness of You
1977 Lionel Hampton Presents Bill Doggett at Soundological
1978 Midnight Slows Vol 9
1978 Midnight Slows Vol 10
1980 Mister Honky Tonk
1991 The Right Choice After Hours
1994 I Don't Know Much About Love
1995 Bluesiana Hurricane


Gon' Doggett
The EP Collection at Be Bop Wino
Honky Tonk! The King & Federal R&B Instrumentals at rockabilly ranch

Discographical info thanks to AMG, Discogs, International Archives For The Jazz Organ & Wikipedia.

Soundological hopes you're diggin' Doggett HERE or HERE.


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