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Manu Dibango - Super Kumba + discography

Super Kumba
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Fiesta 360 052

Kata Kata

Being one of the biggest figures in African music (not to mention jazz in general) and a globally-recognised personality whose popularity crosses linguistic and cultural barriers, there are bazillions of resources for biographical info on the man. His site and his autobiography, Three Kinds of Coffee, are likely the best places to get the real lowdown on his life but typing his name into the Google will also keep you busy with hours of reading - the man has done a lot in his 74 years (75 on February 10th) so there's plenty to catch up on.

What is lacking on teh internets is a straight-forward comprehensive discography of his major works - as is all too often the case with artists from the "Third World" who were active during the latter part of the 20th Century. We've done our best to sort out all the conflicting info and bring order out of chaos but if you have any corrections or additions, feel free to leave the info in the comments. Most of the earlier albums on Fiesta have yet to be re-issued but Manu has taken the reins with his back catalogue and has been releasing some of this material on his own Soul Makossa label over the past few years.

Manu Dibango - Sax, piano, organ, marimba, vocals
Slim Pezin - Guitar
Lucien Dobat - Drums
Jobby Job - Drums
Pierre Honore - Bass
Manu Rodanet - Percussion [Tumba]
Ben's - Percussion
Patrick Bourgoin - Sax
Mam - Sax
Christian Guizin - Trombone
Benny Vasseur - Trombone
Michel Barrot - Trumpet
Antoine Russo - Trumpet
Charles Lembe - Guitar (1,2)

1 Super Kumba
2 Kata Kata
3 Bwembe Na Bwemba
4 Mabola Mongo (Instrumental)
5 Wasa N' Dolo
6 Diboki
7 Soir Au Village
8 Wana Di Lambo


1971 Manu Dibango a.k.a. Soma Loba

1972 O Boso

1973 Makossa Man
at Cavalo 23

1973 Africadelic
discos, etc. [mp3] + Flabbergasted Vibes

1973 African Rhythm Machine
at My Favourite Sound

1974 Super Kumba
at Soundological & Guitar & The Wind (flac)

1975 Countdown At Kusini OST
at BABE(L)OGUE / Blaxploitation Pride / hippy-djkit

1976 Afrovision
at hippy-djkit

1976 Manu 76

1977 Ceddo OST
at My Favourite Sound

1977 L'Herbe Sauvage OST
at My Favourite Sound

1977 Le Prix de la Liberté OST

1978 Anniversaire Au Pays

1978 A l'Olympia (Live)

1978 Manu Dibango a.k.a. Sun Explosion

1979 Home Made

1980 Gone Clear a.k.a. A La Jamaique
at RasCopeRoots & Reggae + Cavalo 23

1981 Ambassador a.k.a. Rasta Souvenir

1982 Waka Juju

1982 Deliverance (Live)

1982 Mboa

1983 Soft And Sweet

1983 Mélodies Africaines Vol 1 & 2

1984 L'aventure Ambigue OST

1984 Surtension

1985 Electric Africa
at Many fantastic colors...

1986 Afrijazzy

1989 Négropolitaines Vol 1

1989 Happy Feeling

1989 La Fête A Manu (Live)
at Many fantastic colors...

1992 Polysonik

1994 Wakafrika

1994 Live '91 (Live)

1994 Seventies

1994 Tropical Garden

1994 Lamastabastani Remix (Sax & Spirituals)

1995 Négropolitaines Vol 2

1995 Lamastabastani

1996 Bao Bao

1998 CubAfrica

1999 Mboa'su

2000 Papa Groove (LIve 96)

2001 Kamer Feeling

2003 From Africa

2005 Kirikou et Les Bêtes Sauvages OST

2007 Joue Sidney Bechet

2008 Lion of Africa (Live 2004)


1974 African Funk
(2LP O Boso+Soul Makossa)
1976 The World of Manu Dibango
1978 Big Blow

1979 Manu Dibango 1971-1978 at Soundological
1980 Rasta Souvenir: Manu a La Jamaique (2LP Gone Clear+Ambassador)
1982 Autoportrait
1983 Makossa Man (2LP +Africadelic)

1992 Soul Makossa
1995 Dance with Manu Dibango
African Soul
at My Favourite Sound + Planeta Musical + Funky Town Disco Music 70s
2000 Anthology Vol. 1, Vol.2 & Vol. 3
2000 Afrosouljazz from the Makossa Man
2000 Manu Safari
2002 B-Sides (+ Fiesta Remixes)
2003 Africadelic: The Best Of
2004 The Rough Guide to Manu Dibango at Toulaki
2004 Long Box (3CD)
2006 Collection Legende
2006 Essential Recordings
2006 La Jamaique (Gone Clear+Ambassador w/o "Reggae Makossa"+"Ça Va Chouia")
2007 AfricaVision Vol 3: Le Cinéma du Manu Dibango
2007 20th Century Masters

2008 African Woodoo
(Unreleased 1971-75) c/o Soundological

**All links verified & updated March 3, 2010**

Thanks to Frank Bessem's Musiques d'Afrique, Afromix, Francophonie Diffusion, AMG, Discogs, Rate Your Music, Music Stack, GEMM, Stern's Music, NME , Groove Collector, Radio France Internationale and most of all Manu's Official Website.

Come by Soundological for some Super Kumba HERE or HERE.


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