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Gato Barbieri - Chapter One: Latin America

Chapter One: Latin America
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Impulse! AS-9248

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I've been pretty tied up the last day or so with the launch of the shad shack and finally moving this weekend so we're back to short & sweet territory for a few more days.

That's why we're throwing up some Gato Barbieri. If you're into jazzfunk, funkjazz, jazz, or just funk, you must have see his LPs or CDs out there (often in the discount bin) so you know what you're in for...mostly. This one is a collection of songs done in Buenos Aires with some of Argentina's best musicians as Barbieri began a serious ethnomusicological journey through Central and South America (hence the title). Calling it "jazz" or even "latin" is a bit of a stretch, although technically they could both be considered correct.

Although it's clearly Barbieri playing in his histrionic style, there's something different in the way he expresses his vocabulary here. It's as if complete abandon and total surrender to the muse brought a different type of restraint rarely heard in his performance. The growls and squeals are still there but what's missing is any forcing of his point in an obvious fashion. Gone is much of the (pardon the pun) overblown emoting or technical theatrics he tends to lean on like a helper monkey and there's scant sign either of the schmaltzy romanticism that crept into his free jazz work of the late 60s, and in which he would wallow during his so-smooth-it's-runny phase of later years.

No, this is El Gato amongst colleaugues and compatriots in a musical context with which he was highly familiar. Having just come home off the wild success of Last Tango In Paris and now about to embark on a quest to find the very musical soul of his continent, it's as if he knows the coming journey will change him in unfathomable ways. He was on the precipice of the abyss and he knew it. This is the sound of him not leaping into it but rather turning around, surveying from whence he came then falling backwards over the edge and letting gravity do the rest. He was very much on fire the next few years and this session is literally incendiary.

AMG Review by Scott Yanow
The four "Chapters" in this series found Gato Barbieri rediscovering his South American roots and displaying his intense tone in melodic settings where his energy would be better focused than it had been on his earlier avant-garde albums. Joined by a large group of Argentinian musicians, Barberi is in top form throughout this heated set, particularly on "Encunetros" and "India." Each of the "Chapters" is recommended although Chapter Three is the only one currently available on CD.

Gato Barbieri - Arranger, Tenor Sax, Vocals
Osvaldo Berlingieri - Piano
Adalberto Cevasco - Bass, Guitar
Domingo Cura - Drums, Bombo
Isoca Fumero - Guitar, Charango
Pocho Lapouble - Drums
Ricardo Lew - Guitar (Electric)
Raul Mercado - Flute, Quena
Amadeo Monges - Harp, Indian Harp
Jorge Padin - Percussion
Quelo Palacios - Guitar (Acoustic)
Antonio Pantoja - Quena, Erkencho, Sikus
Eduardo Zurdo Roizner - Percussion
Dino Saluzzi - Accordion, Bandoneon

1 Encuentros
2 India
3 La China Leoncia Arreo La Correntinada Trajo Entre La Muchachada La Flor De La Juventud
4 Nunca Mas
5 To Be Continued

This has seen a few CD reissues since the 90s but Soundological is under the impression it is currently OOP so we're feeding the kitty HERE and HERE.

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johnv said...

Thanks for this one--I have never seen it before and I have several of Gato's albums. Great stuff as always.

Simon666 said...

This is fantastic Cheeba, many thanks. I had a 128kb version of this that was lost in an HD crash a few years back, so great to get one of your quality rips

Gianni said...

e questo mi piace tanto...
ringrazio perchè non conoscevo questo lp.
thank you

cheeba said...

Glad to be of service, gentlemen!