Saturday, 6 September 2008

Various Artists - Reefer Madness

77.2 MB
192+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Stash Records ST-119

A collection put out by Stash Records in 1979 of country, blues and jazz from 1924-1938 glorifying the ganja. Although many of the names may not be familiar to the uninitiated, this era of music has been heavily documented so there's not much more info to be dug up on the participants beyond what's included in the links - unless you want to hit the library that is. There's some pretty interesting characters on this comp but if you can't spare much time try to at least check out Mezz's bio - it's a hoot!

Speaking of links, if you enjoy this period of jazz then I highly recommend you check out the Red Hot Jazz Archives as it hosts hundreds of recordings for your listening and viewing pleasure. Another good location on the web for digitised music that has fallen into Public Domain is The Prelinger Archive. In fact, if you've never seen the classic scaremongering propaganda flick from which this comp nicks its name, you can download it from there as well. It's interesting to note the dates of these recordings stop at 1938, the same year that infamous movie was released...

01 Bea Foote - Weed
02 Dick Justice - Cocaine
03 Ernest Rodgers - Willie The Chimney Sweeper
04 Jazz Gillum & His Jazz Boys - Reefer Head Woman
05 Cow Cow Davenport - The Mess Is Here
06 Josie Miles - Pipe Dream Blues
07 Frankie 'Half Pint' Jackson - Willie The Weeper
08 Luke Jordan - Cocaine Blues
09 Buck Washington - Save The Roach For Me
10 Louis Armstrong & His Orchestra - Muggles
11 Mills Blue Rhythm Band - Kokey Joe
12 Mezz Mezzrow & His Orchestra - Sendin' The Vipers
13 Fats Waller - Viper's Drag
14 Quintette of the Hot Club of France - Viper's Dream
15 Don Redman & His Orchestra - Chant Of The Weed
16 Richard Jones & His Jazz Wizards - Blue Reefer Blues

This album'll pop up occasionally for anywhere from $15 to $80 but the music is all public domain, so Soundological would appreciate it if you'd pick up your belongings HERE or HERE.


E-mile said...

hi cheeba, good to hear from you!
This compilation I already know,
from what I understand pot wasn't illegal in the US during the 20's.
So you see, things don't always change for the best :-)
peace, E-mile
PS: be careful digesting ALL the wah-posts at once, though they are a great trip!

cheeba said...

E-mile, you are correct. It was 1937 when the US began prohibition with the Marijuana Tax Act. IIRC, they wanted to outlaw weed but needed hemp for military and navy use so settled on making it totally illegal unless you could get a tax permit from the govt.

PS, I've got a reaaallly high tolerance for it but thanks for the wah wah warning ;)

J Thyme...kind said...

Cheeba, Or should I say "Smokin" Cheeba"? Well gee, since I already have, V.A. - Reefer Madness (A Collection Of Vintage Drug Songs, 1927 - 1945) + V.A. - Reefer Songs - 23 Original Jazz & Blues Vocals, then I guess this set will fit in with those two collections. Thanks. Your "Budd", J Time.

cheeba said...

LOL! You're too "kind" J!

J Thyme...kind said...

Jazzin' has a few slang meanings. It can mean, "to mess it up". It can mean, "Fu**ing" & It can mean "Smokin' Reefer". Cool word.