Sunday, 14 September 2008

The Undisputed Truth - Smokin'



79.8 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from WHK 3202

In the process of assembling the Mammatapee post, it seemed The Undisputed Truth's swan song hadn't seen the light of day in blogopolis yet, so I ripped it lickety-split for your listening pleasure. Their Whitfield Records output remains OOP and is yet to be reissued on CD but there's lots of 'em in shops across the globe and they can be obtained online easily at reasonable prices if you can't find them at any of your local vendors. Some kind person upped a pretty decent torrent of their discography last year but the quality of vinyl rips and bit rates varied.

My favourite track is probably Space Machine but rather than put it here as a sample, I'll put a sample here. This is junglist Aphrodite from 1997 with Tell The Truth, which is pretty much just a dope re-edit of said song with a beat and a deep synth bass underneath.

Blue Boy also made some minor waves a couple years before his 1997 Marlena Shaw-sampling hit Remember Me with a breakbeat house track built on a sped-up sample of Sandman that was called, well, Sandman. I used to have a copy but wore it out in the clubs a long time ago and now I can't seem to dig up a digital version. The best I could do is clip a segment from a mix posted over at Mechanism Podcasts.

Keni Burke -
Mark Kenoly
- Bass
Melvin Stewart - Bass
Ted Willingham - Bass
James Gadson - Drums
Jimi Valdez - Drums
Terral Santiel - Electronic Drums
Brian Haner -
Earnest Reed
- Guitar
Howard Rice - Guitar
Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson - Guitar
Trey Stone - Guitar
Walter Downing - Keyboards
Jack Ashford - Percussion
Michael Nash - Synthesizer

Produced by Norman Whitfield

1 Show Time
2 Talkin' To The Wind
3 Atomic Funk
4 I Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
5 Space Machine
6 Tazmainian Monster
7 Sandman
8 Misunderstood

After this release The Undisputed Truth disappeared in a puff of smoke but you can still take a hit from this Whitfield joint while Soundological passes it over HERE and HERE.



Nice blog here!

I have the Delancey Street mix entitled Next Stop Delancey Street- if you are interested!

cheeba said...

Thanks, musical coco basket!

Always lookin' out for more Dleancey stuff. Will be posting a couple comps in the near future but that's not one of them. Took a peek at your blog and there's lots of goodies there.

BTW, I was gonna rip Automannik by A Guy Called Gerald this week but you already have it up. Thanks for leaving a comment and tipping me off to your spot!


Just posted for your ears over at the basket! have fun.

lazy said...

A Guy Called Gerald - Automanikk
is up on my dance blog for you!

cheeba said...

Good lookin' out, lazy! Cheers!

E-mile said...

cheeba, for a 1979 "disco" thing, this doesn't sound all that bad :-)
thanks & peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

Hi Cheeba,
I’ve linked to this page, and also the Mammatapee one,in my post of Rose Royce – “R.R. Express / Lock It Down” (1981, 12 inch) .
All the Best,

cheeba said...

Hey E-mile! Glad you're digging the Undisputed. It's hard to miss with a Whitfield production!

Simon, thanks for the link. Coincidentally, I picked up that same 12" from the same dollar bin where I grabbed the Byron Lee that was posted here today.

Julian said...

I remember when the blue boy version of Sandman came out, loved it and then a few years later I went digging for the original version and was shocked how close the blueboy version was to the original! love it.

I have a vinyl rip of the blue boy version somewhere that i'll dig up when I get back to the computer this weekend.

cheeba said...

LOL! I know what you mean. I actually had owned the Undisputed LP for a few years when the Blue Boy track was released.

Unlike the Aphrodite track which I was able to ID right away b/c it used my favourite track from the album, it took a couple years before I put 2+2 together with Sandman. For two years I was trying to figure out where I knew the sample from until I listened through the whole LP at home one day. D'oh!

I would really appreciate if you could find that rip. I thought I still had the EP but seems I only kept Remember Me. I recall one mix on there was reaally deep and was more of a re-edit than a club mix...

Simon666 said...

Cheeba, I've attempted a Whitfield discography over at mine, and linked of course to this and Mammatapee ... have a look and see if you can give me any leads on the missing few albums - I know you've been searching around as well ..
All the best,

cheeba said...

Nice one, Simon! I'm on my way and will throw in anything I can!

Gianni said...

il pezzo che è stato messo come primo sample di ascolto dell'lp
fu campionato in un celebre brano dance anni 90 in Italia che ebbe un successo notevole.
mentre il secondo pezzo nel sample audio è interessante.
per questo motivo ringrazio cheeba per la gentile condivisione di tutto l'LP.
thank you