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Herbie Mann ft Machito's Jazz Orchestra - Super Mann + Discography

Super Mann


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Trip TLP-5031

****KILLED BY THE IFPI ON 17/10/11****

For years I wondered what the deal was with this record since I had never seen it listed in any of Mann's discographies; only in the past few days was I finally able to get a grip on where this one fits in to his sizable set list. As Dusty Groove sez below, this is a discographer's nightmare and they're also right about it being originally recorded under Machito's name. In each of its incarnations I've seen (the original Machito With Flute To Boot from 1958, Afro-Jazziac from 1963 and this Trip reissue from the early 70s) liner notes for band members are scarce, at best listing only Machito, Mann, Griffin and Fuller.

Can't confirm any liner notes on other issues of this killer Cuban jazz joint I've not personally viewed which are all lo-budget twofers packaged with Flute Fraternity: Garland's On The Prowl, Prestige's Afro-Jazziac Bop, Entertainer's Brazilian Soft Shoe and The Man from Drive Archive records (the latter being the only one which does not fully compile all tracks from both sets). It was also reissued in 1975 under its proper name (albeit credited to Herbie) by Trip's parent Springboard International. I've never seen a copy of that one either but I'm using that date in the info for this release out of convenience.

However, it can pretty much be taken for granted that preeminent percussionists Potato, Candido and Mangual were all on board since they were anchors of Machito's orchestra and appear on all of his gear around that year. I'd take a stab at some of the other members of the brass section but it was highly fluid at the time but there could be some carryover from Machito's previous record, the classic Kenya. However, chances are also pretty good that Mario Bauza was not involved on this particular outing since Herbie took over for Bauza's usual tasks with Machito on this set.

Although DG mentions Mann is only a soloist here, that's incorrect - all tracks were not only written by Herbie, they were arranged by him as well. According to the original notes on Flute To Boot, this marks the first time he had written arrangements for play by a big band. Although he was still an up 'n' comer when this was taped, anyone who thinks Mann's skills are suspect
this regard oughtta check this killer collection of latin leg-burners and get themselves an edumacation.

While he takes a lot of heat from purists, this is only one other first in his long list of premier accomplishments. I won't bother rattling them off, if you're really interested in his stature as a groundbreaking jazz musician, check the links at the end of the discography below. In the meantime, listen to him blow!

Dusty Groove Review of Springboard's pressing of Flute To Boot
A great little LP -- even if it is a discographer's nightmare! The record was most likely recorded originally under Machito's name, and only featured Mann as a soloist -- but it's not the album Kenya, so we're not sure which one it is, although it does look like a repackaging job designed to cash in on Herbie's fame at other labels. Whatever the case, though, the record is a crack bit of New York Latin Jazz -- with loads of short driving tracks very much in the mood of Machito's Kenya album. Herbie's credited with writing all the numbers -- and titles include "Afternoon Death", "Brazilian Soft Shoe", "African Flute", "The Davis Cup", and "Carabunta". (Early 70s pressing.)

Herbie Mann - Flute
Machito - Maracas, Bandleader
Johnny Griffin - Tenor Sax
Curtis Fuller - Trombone
Carlos "Potato" Valdes - Congas
Candido Camera - Congas
José Mangual - Bongos

1 Brazilian Soft Shoe
2 Love Chant
3 Afro-Jazziac
4 Ring a Levio
5 Afternoon Death
6 To Birdland and Hurry
7 Calypso John
8 African Flute
9 Bacao
10 Carabunta
11 Davis Cup
12 Answer Me

Discography as Leader

1954 Herbie Mann Plays

1955 East Coast Jazz 4
1955 Flamingo My Goodness: Four Flutes Vol 2
1956 Love And The Weather
1956 The Herbie Mann-Sam Most Quintet (aka The Man With The Most)
1956 Mann In The Morning
1957 The Jazz We Heard Last Summer
1957 Salute To The Flute
1957 Mann Alone
1957 Flute Suite (avail on The Modern Sounds of AK Salim: Complete Savoy Recordings 1957-1958)
1957 Sultry Serenade (aka When Lights Are Low) @ MUSICA DESDE LAS ANTIPODAS
1957 Great Ideas Of Western Mann (aka Californians)
1957 Yardbird Suite (aka Be Bop Synthesis)

1957 Flute Fraternity w/ Buddy Collette (aka Hi Flutin')
(avail on Brazilian Soft Shoe & Afro-Jazziac Bop)
1957 Flute Soufflé w/ Bobby Jaspar
1957 Flute Flight
1957 The Magic Flute Of Herbie Mann
1957 The Great Mann
1958 Herbie Mann With The Wessell Licken Trio
1958 Just Wailin'
1959 African Suite
1959 Flautista!

1960 Flute, Brass, Vibes And Percussion

1960 The Common Ground

1961 Epitome Of Jazz
1961 The Family Of Mann

1961 Brasil, Bossa Nova & Blues (aka Sugarloaf / Brazil Blues
1962 At The Village Gate

1962 Right Now
1962 This Is My Beloved
1962 St. Thomas
1963 Afro-Jazziac (aka Flute To Boot /Super Mann /On The Prowl + avail on Brazilian Soft Shoe & Afro-Jazziac Bop)
1963 Returns To The Village Gate

1963 Live At Newport
1964 Nirvana w/ Bill Evans Trio
1964 Latin Fever
1965 My Kinda Groove
1965 The Roar Of The Greasepaint The Smell Of The Crowd
(avail on The Complete Latin Sessions)
1965 Latin Mann-From Afro To Bossa To Blues
(aka Big Boss Mann @ Orgy In Rhythm) (avail on The Complete Latin Sessions)
1965 Recorded In Rio w/ Joao Gilberto & AC Jobim

1966 Standing Ovation At Newport
(avail on The Complete Latin Sessions)
1966 New Mann At Newport
1966 Monday Night At The Village Gate (avail on The Complete Latin Sessions)
1966 Our Mann Flute

1966 Impressions Of The Middle East @ MUSICA DESDE LAS ANTIPODAS
1966 Today!
1967 The Beat Goes On
1967 Mann And A Woman w/ Tamiko Jones
1967 Glory Of Love

1967 The Wailing Dervishes
1968 The Herbie Mann String Album
1968 Free For All
1968 Concerto Grosso In D Blues
1968 Moody Mann
1969 Memphis Underground

1969 Windows Open
1969 Herbie Mann In Sweden
1969 Live At The Whiskey A Go Go at Happy as a fat rat + Flabbergasted Vibes
1969 Inspiration I Feel
1970 Stone Flute

1970 Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty
1971 Memphis Two-Step
1971 Push Push

1971 '71
1972 Mississippi Gambler
1973 London Underground

1973 Hold On I'm Coming

1973 Turtle Bay
1974 First Light: The Family of Mann

1974 Reggae w/ Tommy McCook
@ Soundological
1974 Gagaku And Beyond

1975 Discotheque
1975 Waterbed
@ Luz! Cámara! Música!
1976 Surprises w/ Cissy Houston
1976 Bird In A Silver Cage

1977 Fire Island

1978 Brazil - Once Again
1979 Sunbelt
@ Slice of Spice
1979 Super Mann @ Dance 70 Countdown
1980 Yellow Fever
1981 Mellow

1983 Astral Island
1985 See Through Spirits
1987 Jasil Brazz

1989 Opalescence

1990 Caminho De Casa

1990 Two Amigos w/ Dave Valentin
1994 Deep Pocket
1995 Peace Pieces: The Music of Bill Evans
1995 65th Birthday Celebration: Live at the Blue Note
1998 America/Brasil
2000 Eastern European Roots
2002 My Little Suede Shoes
2003 Beyond Brooklyn w/ Phil Woods

Selected Compilations

1963 Sound Of Mann (Verve)
1966 Bongo Conga And Flute (Verve)
1966 Big Band Mann (Verve)
1970 The Best Of Herbie Mann (Atlantic)
1971 Tootsie
1972 Et Tu Flute
1973 The Evolution of Mann (Atlantic)
1973 Let Me Tell You (Milestone)
1976 Early Mann - The Bethlehem Years (Bethlehem)
1975 Star Collection (Warner/Midi)
1976 Herbie Mania (Atlantic)
Copacabana (Saludos Amigos) @ Rare & Groove Jazz
1994 Verve Jazz Masters 56 (Verve) (Flautista! with a few other tracks)
2002 The Best Of The Atlantic Years (Collectables) (14 CD box set of 20 Atlantic LPs)
Herbie Mann-Chick Corea: The Complete Latin Sessions (Gambit) (compiles Monday Night At The Village Gate, Standing Ovation at Newport, Latin Mann-Afro to Bossa to Blues & The Roar of the Greasepaint the Smell of the Crowd, bonus tracks include the latter LP w/o string overdubs)

Bootlegs & Misc

1969 Texas International Pop Festival Vol 12 (2 tracks w/ Sharrock, Vitous, Ayers & Carr) @ o novo e o velho via 8 Days In April
1970 "Miss Free Spirit" by Family of Mann at Montreaux 06-19

Discography info thanks to Jim Newson, AMG, Musica Desde Antipodas, Discogs, Both Sides Now & Wikipedia. Dates above are usually when the album was released but many are the year of recording. When an LP has been reissued under a different name, I've tried to indicate it as such. Mann's discography is a mess and varies from source to source so there is likely much I've missed, wrongly omitted or included in error. Any corrections, suggestions or links are always welcome!

PS - there's a massive torrent of 20 or so Mann LPs floating around as well as a bunch of single torrents upped by schon55. Note they are almost entirely from My Jazz World, Into The Rhythm & BeeQ posts plus a few from other blogs linked above.

Mann up with Soundological HERE or HERE.


Jazzjet said...

Thanks a lot for this one. Never heard of it before but it looks a treat.

ish said...

That's some impressive work you did collecting all that Mann. I haven't yet downloaded your feature album (am at work), but I'm gonna scour the discography for sides I don't have. How are the bootlegs?

Most of my favorite Mann is in the guilty pleasure category. I love Push Push, mostly for the Duane Allman guitar, and, I'm afraid, Fire Island for the presence of Googie Coppola and the lite disco funk.

cheeba said...

@Jazzjet, you're welcome! If you like AfroCuban Latin Jazz, then you should dig this one!

@ish, somebody had to do it! I'm not so crazy about the entire Herbie catalogue (many guilty pleasures as you say) but I can think of no other jazz innovator who gets such short shrift from critics because he like to make music for the masses. Absolutely love his earlier Afro/Cuban/Basilian stuff, though.

The bootlegs are actually pretty good, sound quality seems from the board on both and both are definitely on the improv/free tip. The whole Texas Int'l Pop Fest series is actually really interesting, if you grab the volume w/ Mann it has a killer track from Sam & Dave.

I figured if anyone had a soft spot for Fire Island, it'd have to be you thanks to the Googie. In fact, I was going to rip it until I compiled this. A track off of there was the first re-edit I ever did back in 2000. That's the thing with Mann's cheezy 70s disco albums -= there always a few super dope grooves hidden somewhere in 'em.

DJInnaSoul said...

Many thanks for an excellent post.

Has anyone come across the 1974 album Reggae w/ Tommy McCook in anything better than 80 kbps bitrate ?

I think I have 1 or 2 not on the list, notably Sugarloaf (1968)
, will I upload it ?

Here's what I have

Herbie Mann & Buddy Collette - Hi Flutin' (1957)
Herbie Mann - Big Boss Mann (1973)
Herbie Mann - Caminho de Casa (1990)
Herbie Mann - Flautista! (1959)
Herbie Mann - Gagaku & Beyond (1976)
Herbie Mann - Glory Of Love (1967)
Herbie Mann - Impressions Of The Middle East (1967)
Herbie Mann - Live At The Whisky A Go Go (1969)
Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground
Herbie Mann - Mississipi Gambler (1972)
Herbie Mann - Muscle Shoals Nitty Gritty (1970)
Herbie Mann - Push Push (1971)
Herbie Mann - Standing Ovation at Newport (1965)
Herbie Mann - Sugarloaf (1968)
Herbie Mann - Sunbelt (1978)
Herbie Mann - Super Mann (1978)
Herbie Mann - Yardbird Suite (1957)

cheeba said...

Hiya InnaSoul!

Sugarloaf is actually up there but it is a reissue of 1961 Brasil, Bossa Nova & Blues so it's tucked away and not so in-your-face.

So far I haven't found the one with McCook at a better bit rate but somebody must have a rip out there somewhere. I'll probably end up buying a copy of the vinyl at some point since it goes cheap and isn't rare. The OOP CD on the other hand, seems to be rare and is much more expensive.

Thanks for the generous offer to help but I think it's all covered so far, InnaSoul

If you happen to find a a copy of Memphis Two-Step or Windows Opened though it would save me the trouble of ripping them!

Simon666 said...

whoah, massive discography work, congrats and thankyou .... back later to download :)

Bhowani said...

thank you Cheeba for this Herbie Mann!!

avocado kid said...

woo thanks!

troods said...

Herbie, you're back!!! Thanks of course to Cheeba. I'm dancing, see? Very grateful.

icastico said...

Grew up the HM as dad was a huge fan. Lovely stuff.

Simon666 said...

Back again ..... thanks for the album Cheeba, really like, this one, very OIR :)
Also been trawling through the discog and checking out some I haven't heard. Certainly there's the good, the bad and the ugly there in the 70s collection, but spread across many of the albums ... will end up making my own comp I think ! :)
Anyway thanks again for your hard work here ...

E-mile said...

gee, cheeba, you did your best at this one - again - !!! imprrrressive post this is.
Ofcourse I know many of these HM albums, but will check sometime for hidden treasures...
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

Thanks for the comments, everyone! Glad the latin sounds are keeping the feets happy (especially for dancin' troods!)

As E-mile, Simon and icastico mention there's probably lots here that is familiar. I have about a half-dozen not listed above, like Right Now and My Kinda Groove but and may get around to posting them but seems they get taken down pretty quickly,

One of the lesser-known sets I've always dug for its outright out-thereness is The Wailing Dervishes with jazz bagpiper Rufus Harley.

Simon, would love to hear your take on a HM comp. Speaking of comps, sorry to be the bearer of bad news E-mile but only 1 lonely version of "Summertime" in all those albums above!

Reza said...

Blimey mega post !!!

Thanks cheeba btw check your slsk

cheeba said...

Cheers, Rez - you're a star!

cheeba said...

Added Turtle Bay to the discog today

ramson said...

Wow, what music!!


zardoz1984 said...

Guilty pleasures? Yes, more than one but this one really burns! Never heard of before: you gonna make me rediscover earlier grooves of that Herbie man. Thx again Cheeba for that healing stuff.

cheeba said...

Very happy to hear I could help you discover some new grooves, zardoz. That's the best part of this blogging bizness!

If you dig the afro-cuban flavoured stuff I'd also recommend you check out Flautista!, Latin Fever and Latin Mann: From Afro To Bossa To Blues.

cheeba said...

Added Family of Mann to discog links today.

swamielmo said...

super cool, right down in the jazz salsa roots. thanks

Simon666 said...

Just for when you get to the age-old thankless blogger's task of updating discographies :) :

A spare (new) rip of "Beat Goes On" @ Portal Of Groove :


cheeba said...

Simon, you are a prince!

Definitely happy to get another link to Oracle's excellent blog. Thanks for the heads up!

cheeba said...

@Simon, also noticed just how many links to MFS, MJW and SVNV need to be updated/removed. Will definitely have to spend a few hours on this one in the near future...

Simon666 said...

Tell me about it, last year I'd just finished changing all my MFS links on my blog discographies from Blogger to Wordpress, when they moved to Baywords :)

cheeba said...

I can only imagine, Simon! I think of that Mongo Santamaria post you did and there was probably a lot from MFS to update there.

I actually figured I wouldn't update the MFS links (there were sooo many on this blog) but when they wound up at baywords and found some stability, I figured I needed to make sure folks found their way to the new spot.

Pier, Celo and Andy have also been great sports when it comes to re-up requests too, so that's made it a bit easier.

Simon666 said...

oh i will update them all. Just .. not this weekend ... ;)

rm said...

Thank you very much for disco & posts

cheeba said...

You're very welcome rm!

pantufo said...

Hi I am desperately looking for Herbie Mann Memphis Two Step and Windows Opened since a long time. It would be great if anyone knows a link or could upload them. Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

Found a link to Windows Opened here:


Simon666 said...

320 rip of Wailing Dervishes :


Simon666 said...

Well while you're recovering from the Killer Spores from Mars, I'm sure you've got better things to do than work on discographies, but anyway :

alt link for "Brazil Once Again" :


Hope all's good Cheeba!

Anonymous said...

please repost the very beautiful album, "Peace Pieces: The Music of Bill Evans", this is impossible to find anywhere

Anonymous said...

thanks to the author for taking his clock time on this one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!! You often have interesting posts! They put me in good spirits )