Monday, 14 September 2009

Charles Kynard - Your Mama Don't Dance


You Mama Don't Dance


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from MRL 389


Does the blogosphere really need another rip of this B3 bomber? Well, you be the judge. If nothing else the full scans may be a welcome addition to your library. Not to brag but from all the versions I have so far (those listed at the shad shack), I have to say this one is so far the best quality since the vinyl was in much better condition than I remembered and little more than minimal ClickRepair was needed. It's also mastered much louder than most of the MRLs I've ripped so filtering levels was unnecessary. If you hadn't already picked it up at Sounds from the Funky Goat in AAC or the crackly FLAC at Freakywax and you missed your chance at funkydisposition and My Favourite Sound, which have both gone private, then you oughtta jump on this funky monster stat.

Dusty Groove Review
Funky organ and plenty of vamping -- a really tight little set from the mighty Charles Kynard -- who's working here with a really wide-ranging command of the keyboard! As with some of the other Mainstream Records sessions of the time, the backings here are somewhat full -- arranged and conducted by Richard Fritz with a style that's almost soundtrack funk at points, but which still has a more jazzy feel overall -- thanks to the space given to Kynard's organ solos, and to backings from players who include George Bohannon on trombone, Arthur Adams on guitar, and Paul Humphrey on drums. The set features a surprising cover of Joe Quarterman's classic "I Got So Much Trouble On My Mind" -- one that's almost as funky as the vocal original -- plus "The World Is A Ghetto", "Superstition", "Zambezi", "Summer Breeze", "Momma Jive", and "You've Got It Bad Girl".

Charles Kynard - Hammond B3 Organ
Chuck Rainey - Bass
Paul Humphrey - Drums
Ray Pounds - Drums
Arthur Adams - Guitar
David Roberts - Trombone, Bass Trombone
George Bohanon - Trombone, Bass Trombone
James Kartchner - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Jerry Rusch - Trumpet, Flugelhorn

1 Superstition
2 The World Is A Ghetto
3 Momma Jive
4 I Got So Much Trouble
5 Your Mama Don't Dance
6 Zambezi
7 Summer Breeze
8 You've Got It Bad Girl

Soundological makes with yo' mama HERE or HERE.


Chris said...

Thanks for the funky fresh upload! Hearing Summer Breeze was a treat, as I'm also a huge Seals & Crofts fan.

freebones said...

in all truthfulness, i don't understand why people worry about reposting a popular rip. it's good to recirculate.

thanks cheeba. it is much appreciated.

also in all truthfulness, my mama cannot dance in the slightest, but she throws a mean tomahawk.

i'm not kidding.

Philo said...

A really fine job of digital encoding and music restoration.

Sounds great!

You & ClickRepair have done some seriously awesome work.

Also, I really like the music. You just can't have too much Hammond B-3.

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Sorry Cheeba but all the Charles Kynard posts are available & free:



zardoz1984 said...

My oh my, why did I forgot that one? Quite a B3 bomber! And no problem with "the somewhat full backings" pointed at by Dusty Grove: just a funky groooovy session from some forgotten magic fingers. Many thx Cheeba for your dedicated shad work: that label burned with so many treasures.
PS no problem too with the multiposting, there will never be enough nice music in that Big Broz world where the possibility of choice shrinks every minute.
Let's the bloggers rule!

Simon666 said...

All the hits that fit! ;)
Thanks Cheeba : )

cheeba said...

Wow, ya slack off for a day and some of the best comments pop up!

@Chris, I'm a sucker for that track! Some folks collect cover versions of tunes, I have dozens of that one. Not as thorough as E-mile and "Summertime" but still an all-time fave. Must have something to do with growing up in the 70s.

@freebones, you're welcome as always! I can only speak for myself but it comes from years of DJing and record collecting where it's all about exclusives and having fresh joints no one else does. I also lean towards the archivist side so want to document what has yet to be put down for posterity. Finally, it takes time & effort to digitise an LP and I don't want to "steal" anyone's "thunder" as it were.

BTW, the crack about your mom seems to explain your good manners, sounds like there was discipline in that home!

@Philo, glad you like the tunes. I agree, it's so hard to go wrong with the B3. I'm also happy to hear that my attempts at wringing the best quality I can are appreciated. Thanks!

@JAZZYPIER, great news! I had not seen your free site yet. I'd be very interested in hearing feedback on your experience at baywords. It seems a perfect choice. Hope it is not affected by the closing down of Pirate Bay this month! Good luck at the new home!

@zardoz1984, love that line "that label burned with so many treasures." It's a big reason why I started the shad shack - to share the treasures I had and to see what other ones were out there. I think you & freebones have made a good point about multiposting and I might relax my criteria a bit in the future.

@Simon, short and sweet! Thanks for popping in, hope you're not going too crazy now that school's back in.

Goofy said...

Never heard of this guy before. Great album, though. Thanks!

cheeba said...

Hi Goofy, glad you checked him out. Kynard was a solid souljazz organist who never hit the big time because he wouldn't be discofied or have backup singers or strings, etc. He also passed away before he could be rediscovered at the end of the 80s/start of the 90s like other B3 greats.

If you dig this, I highly recommend you check some of the other posts at the link provided a few comments up!