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Reggie Moore - Furioso



256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from MRL 380

Mother McCree

Bo Diddley

Back with a double-shot of acoustic piano trio bizness as we keep our eye on the Red Lion, here's Reggie Moore's Furioso. This one's dedicated to the boys at My Favourite Sound since it's been on their (and my) want list for some time now. If you hadn't noticed, the boys have been driven to private status but, bein' the class acts they are, they're cookin' up a new-fangled front for the unwashed masses (i.e., the vast majority of visitors who don't comment) so stay tuned to their page for further developments.

This follow up to the previous year's Wishbone features the same trio back in the shack for more and generally sticking to the same feel and format for their sophomore outing. However, this time it's a bit punchier, a little more funk-oriented and half the selection is comprised of cover tunes but on this occasion there are none from Wayne Shorter. Obviously Shad was happy with the premiere performance but wanted more crowd-pleasing elements to shift more units and, aside from the epic title track, the trio obliged.

You don't need a course in body language to get the gist of this confab.

The first side holds a couple ballads and the popular track "Mother McCree" comped on the Killer Jazz Funk From The Mainstream Vault series, while the flip features the evergreen groover "Hi-Heel Sneakers" and an unexpectedly funky version of Bo Diddley's eponymous track where he playfully flips Bo's interpolation of Mockingbird into a Gene Harris quote and then goes for broke. Unfortunately it seems to fade out prematurely and in all likelihood it was simply a cheaper way of meeting the side's running time since re-editing would have cost quite a bit more in studio and engineer fees.

As for Mr. Moore himself, there's really no need to go into his bio since he's alive and well and living in Berlin, a recent recipient of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy's Cultural Ambassador Award (the ICD currently has the best bio for him out there in the cloud), he has a MySpace page, is on YouTube and even Tweets. Unlike most jazzmen of his era, Moore has deftly made the transition to the 21st century!

Reggie Recently

Hank Haynie's a different story altogether. He's also alive and well and living in Texas but has long moved on from the music biz and works in the telco industry. His only musical credits are for his work on both Reggie Moore albums, and that's pretty much all there is to tell at this time.

Chip Lyles (sometimes credited as either Chipper Lyles or Chip Lyle), on the other hand, has a few more credits under his belt beyond the Moore sides for Mainstream: Betty Carter's Betty Carter Vol ! & 2 and her Betty Carter Album, a series of Sonny Fortune sides (Long Before Our Mothers Cried, Awakening and Waves of Dreams) as well as two stone-cold classics (and long-time personal faves) by Weldon Irvine - Cosmic Vortex and Liberated Brother. Those were all back in the 70s and since then he pops up out of nowhere last year drumming for Brotherhood of Breath alumni Kamal Abdul-Alim on his album Kani Mambo. It seems Lyles didn't appear on too many albums but the ones on which he's present are all top-shelf affairs.

Reggie Moore - Piano
Hank Haynie - Bass
Chip Lyles - Drums

1 Furioso
2 Consider Her Ways
3 Mother McCree
4 Where Is The Love
5 Collage
6 Little Tracy
7 Hi-Heel Sneakers
8 Bo Diddley

This rip was taken from a still-sealed original vinyl copy so you can listen to the sound of virgin vinyl's cherry bein' popped by Soundological HERE or HERE.


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more funky piano trio, more classic mainstream, thank you.

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Thanks so much. This is why I love this place. This record is great and I would've never heard of this cat without a blog like this. You post so many gems that it is crazy and the posts are always informative. Thanks again.

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Hey BigD, you pretty much summed up the raison d'être for Soundological right there.

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