Friday, 3 October 2008

The In Crowd - The In Crowd

The In Crowd

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Vinyl rip & scans from Coronet CXS-268

Who? Beats me. The In Crowd were probably one of the plethora of ersatz hip groups composed of session players cashing in on the mod-pop-jazz-soul craze in those Space Age days. I could find absolutely zero info on this piano-bass-traps trio (it's not the early British mod band) and being a budget label run by jazz fans it could be anyone at work here. The fi
rst side has a nice light 'n' breezy set of pop covers done in a groovy style akin to the Young-Holt Trio or Gene Harris & The Three Sounds. Not as good as either but less sterile and more happenin' than most anonymous "acts" on the hip covers tip who recorded during the same period.

It's not a stretch to suggest the album may not even be the work of one band since side two has a distinct bop flavour not so present on the first and includes a small horn section as well. The identity of the players is a total mystery at this point, the answers to which were more than likely consigned to a dustbin ages ago. Well, whoever these cats are they ain't exactly slouches and prove themselves quite capable at cookin' up some heat, especially on the title track from side one and all over the place on side two.

1 My Girl Sloopy
2 Cast Your Fate To The Wind
3 A Taste Of Honey
4 Girl From Ipanema
5 The In Crowd
6 Little Beat
7 Bill's Girl
8 Barbados Love
9 Sho 'Nuff
10 The Out Group

Soundological is normally all about the out crowd but this time we'll make an exception HERE or HERE.


Anonymous said...

Great find!

The boppish cuts on Side Two are excerpted from an album on Mode called "Leonard Feather Presents BOP". Personnel is either Thad Jones or Idrees Sullieman on trumpet, Phil Woods on alto, George Wallington on piano, Curley Russell on bass, & Art Taylor on drums.

The real titles of the tunes are "Little Benny", "Now's The Time" (mislabeled on the album as "Billie's Bounce", "Hot House", "Shaw 'Nuff", & "Things To Come" (aka ""Be-Bop")

The entire album has been reissued on the VSOP label.

cheeba said...


Your help in identifying the players is more than I ever expected! This is in line with my 2nd tack of thinking in that it may also be licensed material.

I'll definitely be looking for those records now and check VSOP!

Max said...

Thanks--nice post and its definitely 2 different bands. Now to figure out where they got the pop song material--some outfit that's trying to sound like Ramsey Lewis.

JP said...

Thank you very much for posting this seemingly “cheap” recordings. Listening to it attentively however, I found that
the trio playing the first tunes is actually quite excellent. Specifically “a taste of honey” is nothing short of a
It would be very interesting to find out who the piano player is.
I strongly suspect that he is is one of the great sixties pianos players