Monday, 27 October 2008

Milt Buckner & Marcel Zanini - Blues and Bounce!

Blues and Bounce!


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Black & Blue 333110

One of the last sessions recorded by the Big Buck, taking place almost exactly one year before he passed away. He spent most of his latter years, especially a huge chunk of the 70s, playing in Europe and recording for many labels there. Black and Blue were one of those labels and they employed Milt to the hilt for the last five or so years of his life.

Here he's teamed up with Marcel Zanini, a Turkish-born French musician who could be compared career-wise as the Gallic equivalent to Acker Bilk or Al Hirt. Milt & Marcel lock hands and horns on a set of swingin' blues and bluesy swing with longtime Ellington drummer Sam Woodyard, Zanini's son Nabe on guitar, seasoned session vet Michel Gaudry on bass and the most mysterious man on this meet, Jean-Pierre Lindenmeyer, on vibes. He's listed as a "non-professional" musician and a "friend" of Marcel but from what I can tell, this person is a psychiatrist specialising in schizophrenia at his practice in NY - however lacking photographic corroboration I can't say for sure.

A nice set of swing, blues, soft ballads and Django-esque jazz that'll satisfy fans of those classic forms as well as those partial to Milt himself.

Marcel Zanini - Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Milt Buckner - Organ, Piano
Jean-Pierre Lindenmeyer - Vibes
Marc-Édouard Nabe - Guitar
Michel Gaudry - Bass
Sam Woodyard - Drums

1 Histoire de Mai
2 Redoutable
3 La Lanterne
4 I Cover The Waterfront
5 Nabe's Dream
6 Ramatuelle
7 Vous, Lui et Moi
8 Relax
9 Crazy She Calls Me
10 Princess Bouton d'Or

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the jazzman said...

Thanks for this one.

thoth said...

always interested to hear sam woodyard from this time period. thank you so much for sharing. don't know if it was a joke saying buckner played a "big chunk" of the 70s in europe or whatever you said but good one! because i think of his style as chunky, i mean. thank you again.

cheeba said...

@the jazzman - your comment slipped through the cracks...can't believe it's been over a year-and-a-half! You deserve better....thanks for the thanks!

@thoth, nice catch :) however, wasn't conscious but agree with you that Milt's locked hands style could be described as "chunky"

rm said...

thank you very much