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Jimmy Lynch - Tramp Time Vol 1 for Rudy Ray RIP

Tramp Time Volume 1


57.4 MB
192+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from La Val LVP-901

Just heard the news from 4BB that comedic icon and badass mutha Rudy Ray Moore has passed away. I just happened to rip this LP last night and was going to publish the post below this weekend but I'd like to send him off with some laughter from old friends, so this monkey's gonna signify right now. R.I.P. Rudy.

Rudy Ray Moore
1937 - 2008

I picked up this record so long ago, I can't even remember what town I found it in or when. Time comes to look it up on the internet and turns out the number one hit for his name on the google is Dolemite's web site and Jimmy's so totally his BFF. Damn! The amount of times I've seen Dolemite, The Human Tornado and Petey Wheatstraw and never clicked that the cat in those flicks and this guy were the same Jimmy Lynch is downright embarrassing.

Some damn funny stuff but not nearly as blue as you'd expect. As to Mr. Lynch's claim of it being released in 1961 well... he does have a degree in B.S. y'know. Besides, Lowell Fulsom's "Tramp" and James Brown's "I Got You (I Feel Good)" both date from '65-'66, same as that Nehru collar he's rockin' on the back cover. However, I tagged it as 1961 because I ain't arguin' with him. Not if it means dancin' with Dolemite!

From the Official Rudy Ray Moore site:

While Rudy Ray Moore did not have anything to do with these releases, Jimmy Lynch is one of Moore's longest and best friends, having worked together on many projects over the last 30+ years.

When I first met with Mr. Motion back in 1996, he told me this album was originally released in 1961. He also told me it is a historical album for being the first time the word "fuck" ever appeared on a record (without any background music.. this claim has not been yet verified).

LP Liner Notes:

This Party Record Was Not Designed To Be Played On Radio At Any Time - This Record Only For Personal And Party Use Only.

This Tramp Time album was recorded by popular demand from the thousands of patrons in night clubs where he has appeared thru-out the mid-west. We admit that some of the words of this recording are not Sunday School words so if you are a preacher or a deacon do not listen to this album. If you are under 18 you will not understand it. If you are over 80 you cannot stand it.

This LP contains some of the common words used by the common people every day and we do not intend for them to be obscene in any way.

We advise you to hang on to this record, it could become a collector's item.

Jimmy Lynch is one of the most sensational new recording artists. He performs as a comedian, an impersonator, and a singer. He answers to the name Mr. Motion, The Tramp, and The Lover. You really would have to see him perform to appreciate him.

If he is to appear in any of the night clubs in your locality don't miss this sensational, unforgetable artist.

This LP was recorded live at the famous El Grotto bar in Battle Creek, Michigan at one of its fabulous Sunday afternoon matinees. Without any notion he is Mr. Motion.

I can only say we didn't actually release this album, it escaped.

Mr. Vic

Jimmy in his buddy Dolemite's The Human Tornado

Bulk up your bindle with some Jimmy from Soundological HERE or HERE.

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mike belgrove said...

My uncle used to watch all those movies. This guy was in some of the most outrageous fight scenes in movie history. He will live on forever in those films and the music he inspired.

and I havent seen or heard Jimmy in a long time.