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Lou Donaldson - Color As A Way Of Life + discog


Color As A Way Of Life

72.1 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Cotillion 9915

Found a still-sealed copy of this a few weeks ago at local record shop for only $7. Now, I'd never heard the two Cotillion albums Lou made at the tail-end of the 70s (Different Scene and this one) but I hadn't heard much in the way of favourable reviews for them, either. However, I was pretty sure that since it was Sweet Poppa Lou accompanied on horns by longtime jazz vets Ernie Royal and Seldon Powell, there had to be enough going for it to make it worth some change back from a sawbuck. It should come as no surprise that it was a safe bet but had the price been on the other side of a dixie I don't know if I'd feel quite the same.

There are some sweet moments here despite the routine arrangements, sterile production and cut-rate roster, close to half of whom count this album as either their only credit or one of less than a handful.
Except for drummer Jimmie Young most of the rhythm section were nobodies and both horn and string sections were split down the middle as far as seasoned session vet vs. unknowns is concerned. On the plus side, it's obvious a lot of these guys were going for broke and giving it their best shot, especially William Phipps on the rhodes (check out the sweet washes and nimble solos he sprinkles throughout) and A.C. Drummer on the guitar (this man loves the phased wah-wah sound for better or worse).

A couple cookers, a few ballads and a bit of funk make it worth the minimal fee but don't expect any revelations from Lou, who maintains his standard of techical excellence even though he tends to get buried in the busy arrangements or lost in the mix. Not essential by any means but it will have appeal for the more forgiving fans of LD and those of Jazz-Disco-Funk fusion in general.

Lou Donaldson -
Alto Sax
A.C. Drummer, Jr. - Guitar
Jacob Hunter - Bass
William Phipps - Fender Rhodes, Clavinet
Jimmie Young - Drums
Raphael Cruz - Percussion, Conga
Paul G. Bogosian - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Ernie Royal - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
John Drew Kelly - Trombone, Bass Trombone
Seldon Powell - Flute,
Baritone Sax
Irving Spice - Violin

Elliott Rosoff - Violin
David Sackson - Violin
Louis Stone - Violin
Jacqueline Copeland - Vocals

1 Too Much to Explain
2 Love for Sale
3 Piece of Your World
4 Passion Fruit
5 Comin' Thru the Back Door
6 Ebb Tide
7 Maker's Dream
8 Walkin' Sally

For more info on the man, be sure to click on his name in the line up above and visit his comprehensive website for a detailed bio and thorough notes on all the sessions he's played. While you're poking around you can make color a way of your life courtesy of Soundological HERE or HERE.

Lou's Links:
Official Website
Black Success Foundation


1952 New Faces, New Sounds
incl on Complete 1952 Blue Note Sessions
1953 New Faces, New Sounds, Vol. 2
1954 Lou Donaldson Sextet, Vol. 2
1957 Wailing with Lou at AvaxHome (FLAC)
1957 Swing and Soul
at migue11e (FLAC) + JazzdispositiOn (mp3)
1957 Lou Takes Off at migue11e (APE)
+ JazzdispositiOn (mp3)
1958 Blues Walk at AvaxHome (APE) + pequeños discos rojos (mp3)
1958 Light Foot at My Favourite Sound /JazzdispositiOn (mp3) + Music Albums Free Download (FLAC)
1959 LD + 3: Lou Donaldson w/ the Three Sounds c/o grumpy (in comments)
1959 The Time Is Right
at + migue11e (mp3)
1960 Sunny Side Up at AvaxHome (FLAC+mp3) JazzdispositiOn (mp3)
1960 Midnight Sun
c/o grumpy pt1/pt2 (FLAC)
1961 Here 'Tis
at AvaxHome (FLAC+mp3)
1961 Gravy Train at AvaxHome (FLAC) + migue11e (mp3)
1962 The Natural Soul at migue11e (APE)
+ Buns O'Plenty (mp3)
1963 Good Gracious! at migue11e (APE) + JazzdispositiOn (mp3)
1963 Signifyin'
1964 Possum Head
1964 Cole Slaw at Sun Ship (mp3)
1964 Rough House Blues c/o grumpy
1965 Musty Rusty at Jazzy Blues (FLAC)
1965 Fried Buzzard at Roots is for Everyone
1966 Blowing in the Wind at Sun Ship (mp3)
1967 Lush Life at Soundological (mp3)
1967 Alligator Bogaloo at Soundological (mp3)
1967 Mr. Shing-A-Ling at Buns O'Plenty (mp3)
1968 The Midnight Creeper at AvaxHome (WV) + flageolette /jazzdisposition /Rangeraver's
1968 Say It Loud! at Things & Stuff & Music /Hook's Hidden Gems (mp3)
1969 Hot Dog at miguelle (mp3)
1969 Everything I Play Is Funky
at AvaxHome (WV) + Soundological (mp3)
1970 Pretty Things at Dust 2 Dust
1970 The Scorpion: Live at the Cadillac Club at Roots is for Everyone /flageolette (mp3)
1971 Cosmos c/o My Jazz World (mp3)
1972 Sophisticated Lou
1973 Sassy Soul Strut c/o My Jazz World
1974 Sweet Lou at Soundological (mp3)
1976 A Different Scene

1977 Color as a Way of Life at Soundological
1981 Sweet Poppa Lou
1981 Forgotten Man
1982 Back Street
1984 Live in Bologna
1990 Play the Right Thing
1992 Birdseed
1993 Caracas at migue11e
1994 Sentimental Journey
2000 Relaxing at Sea: Live on the QE2

Assorted Compilations

The Complete 1952 Lou Donaldson Blue Note Sessions at migue11e (APE)
Quartet/Quintet/Sextet (1952-1954) at AvaxHome (FLAC)
A Man With A Horn (Unissued material from Blue Note 1961+1963) c/o Blaxploitation Jive (mp3)
Ha' Mercy (culled from Argo/Cadet catalogue 1961-1965) c/o My Jazz World pt1/pt2
Signifyin': The Best of Lou Donaldson at flageolette
Blue Break Beats at flageolette (mp3) + migue11e (APE)

All above links checked and updated Feb 12, 2010

Lou's Links:
Official Website
Black Success Foundation


E-mile said...

hi cheeba, despite "1977" I will give this a mentioning
"this man loves the phased wah-wah sound for better or worse" gets me curious obvisously :-)
thanks & peace, E-mile

Chris Ward said...

Wow! Thanks for the huge amount of Poppa Lou, it's great to see that lots of people enjoy his works.

Kosta said...

i got this lp in a basket of vinyls waiting to be ripped...thanks for fasten my work

johnv said...

Thanks for this Cheeba. This is a really useful discography as there is a ton of great Lou Donaldson material out their. I wish I could fill in some of the gaps, but alas ...

cheeba said...

e-mile, i figured that might grab yr attention!

chris & johnv, glad it's helpful! i'll update it as i go along. feel free to add links in the comments if you find any!

kosta, any of the other missing lou's in that basket of yours?

Kosta said...

"any of the other missing lou's in that basket of yours?"
unfortunately not.
this is in a package of vinyls a friend of mine purchased "blind" time ago from eBay and gave to me for the rips...many of them are really in a bad condition even for ClickRepair

E-mile said...

hi cheeba, first track was ok, but could be lived without...easily.
indeed...thanks for the lissen up,
but it was an 1 time only, already
deleted it :-)
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all Cheeba great work

alex said...

hi cheeba!
great drop m8!
many thanks!

cheeba said...

hey e-mile! know what you mean...taking chances so you don't have to!

Pretoria and alex, appreciate your support!

soti said...

hi cheeba, many thanks for the album and big up for your great work. soti

tee said...

do u have the lou donalson sophisticated lou really would like to hear this gem

cheeba said...

@tee, sorry but I traded it away about a year-and-a-half ago for a Jorge Ben IIRC.

Been keeping my eyes open though and will add here if I do find it.

Andy said...

Hi Cheeba.Birdseed and live on QE2 are available on E music.I don't mind spending some money!

JAZZYPIER ♪ said...

Wow Cheeba!


Buns O'Plenty said...


lcbriza said...

Great Stuff! Thanks.

grumpy said...

Hi,Thought you might like to know I've posted LD+3 and Midnight Sun, both lossless, over at contributions.

cheeba said...

Grumpy! You're like a thief in the night - except you give instead of steal!

Thanks, never heard LD+3 so very much looking forward to it!

grumpy said...

Just noticed you don't have a link for Rough House Blues, I've posted an mp3. once again at,

Chris Ward said...

Hello again. I've been away for a year, and it's a real pleasure to return here and find some new albums shared. The previous Lou D albums kept me very happy in South India. Thank you very much again.

grumpy said...

Cole Slaw has been posted here:

grumpy said...

Sadly Mel's blog has closed and the bloomysunday links above are dead.
Here are the direct links:

cheeba said...

Was sad to see him close up but can imagine how disheartened he was. Unfortunately there are a lot of links in some discography posts here that will go dark as a result.

Appreciate you re-posting them here, you're a class act all the way, grumpy!

OldHippieRick said...

what a sweet list cheeba, I happen to have all that's there but thought I drop one on you you did not have
1992 Birdseed

Lou Donaldson (alto saxophone)
David Braham (organ)
Peter Bernstein (guitar)
Fukushi Tainaka (drums)
Ralph Dorsey (conga)
Recorded at Nola Studios, New York City, 28. & 29. 4. 1992.

enjoy ~ rick