Friday, 17 October 2008

Various - Brainstormers (Kent 042)

Kent Brainstormers


79 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Kent 042

By special request, here's what many connaisseurs consider one of the best Kent Northern Soul compilations. I'm inclined to agree since it's definitely my favourite of the 30 or so I've heard and every track here is a keeper. However, some songs do clearly stand head and shoulders above the rest. First and foremost for me is the early Willie Hutch track which predates his 1969 debut LP Soul Portrait and is not on any of his albums or greatest hits packages. In fact, this is one of the only places you can find it on vinyl - unless you have $1,325 bucks for the original 7". Floorshakers (Kent 007) also has the flipside, "The Duck," but I don't have a copy of that one - yet.

01 Willie Hutch - Love Runs Out
02 Two People - Stop, Leave My Heart Alone
03 Little Eddie Taylor - I Had A Good Time
04 Bobby Bland - Getting Used To The Blues
05 Bud Harper - Wherever You Are
06 Little Charles & The Sidewinders - It's A Heartache
07 Freddy Butler - That's When I Need You
08 Garland Green - Ain't That Good Enough
09 The Patrick Bradley - Just One More Chance
10 Holly St. James - That's Not Love
11 Patti Austin - You're Too Much A Part Of Me
12 Bobby Hutton - Lend A Hand
13 Malibus - Gee Baby I Love You
14 Steinways - My Heart's Not In It Anymore
15 Betty Everett - Bye Bye Baby
16 Andre Brasseur - The Kid

Even with the passing of 25 years since Kent cobbled them together in one package, most of these tracks remain rare and unknown to almost everyone but Northern Soul fans willing to pay almost any price for an original 45 of their top tunes. Even in the early 80s collectors were looking at shelling out almost four figures if they were to purchase each of these songs individually in the 45 RPM format. Nowadays you'd be looking at $10-20K to scoop up the source material for this LP unless you were really lucky diggin' in the crates. Otherwise, you could just grab the music from Soundological HERE. (updated 2012-07-27)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting these great Kent albums...every one a gem!!
Please keep them coming.

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any chance of a reup? thanks

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Reloaded today. Enjoy!