Saturday, 16 August 2008

Cal Tjader - Huracán

49.4 MB
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Crystal Clear Records CCS 8003

The previous 12" 45rpm jazz piece posted here enjoyed a warm reception so I thought I'd put up another for my peeps, especially Simon. I figure a rare Cal Tjader side with Clare Fischer on electric piano would be up his alley if he didn't already have it! It's also a small token of appreciation for both his support of Soundological and his efforts keeping the flame burning at
Never Enough Rhodes. For more Cal Tjader be sure to check the links scattered throughout the post.

Vibraphone - Cal Tjader
Timbales - Willie Bobo
Electric Piano - Clare Fischer
Bass - Rob Fisher
Alto Sax, Flute - Gary Foster
Trumpet - Ronald King
Baritone Sax - Kurt McGettrick
Bongos, Cowbell - Victor Pantoja
Trumpet - Alex Rodriguez
Trombone - Frank Rosolino
Congas - Pancho Sanchez
Guitar - Rick Zunigar

1 Funquiado
2 Tres Palabras
3 Ritmo Caliente
4 Huracán

AMG Review by Ken Dryden

Originally issued as a limited-edition direct-to-disc LP by the long defunct Crystal Clear label in the late '70s, this budget reissue of Cal Tjader's Huracán does not list any of the musicians heard with the vibraphonist, though his band on this occasion includes brass and reeds in addition to the usual electric piano, electric bass, and congas, with most of the compositions and arrangements by Clare Fischer. Tjader, long one of the few non-Latin innovators in Latin jazz, is in top form and is able to work in the demanding direct-to-disc recording environment, which required recording an entire album side of performances without overdubs, splicing, or stopping for very long between selections. Due to its relatively low profile, this is one of Cal Tjader's lesser-known releases, but it is well worth acquiring.

CD & cassette reissues from the early 90s include two extra tracks ("Novios" and "Bachi") and both can be found at a good price if you put in a little work. Since it was on super budget label LaserLight I doubt it would sound nearly as good as this anyway. The quality of this pressing is impeccable, as it should be considering the process involved. The white-coloured vinyl is relatively easy to find but at $35 to $50 on the lower end of the spectrum with a still-sealed copy going for $75, it's not within everyone's grasp. Loyal readers of Soundological, on the other hand, know money's not an obstacle if they go HERE or HERE.

P.S. I just noticed that Smooth has posted another Crystal Clear Records direct-to-disc release today, this time by Merl Saunders, over at My Jazz World. If hi-fidelity is what you're after, I would definitely recommend you check out the man with some of the cleanest vinyl rips in blogopolis!

UPDATE: Simon was generous enough to post the two "missing" tracks from the CD so be sure to check the comments if you want the full meal deal.


Simon666 said...

i DO have this on a CD reissue from some years ago, but thanks for your kind words AND for the back cover!

E-mile said...

cheeba, sorry for the LATE reply,
but I've just finished listening to your additions on Summertime...(been busy, you know how it is) They're much appreciated! Another reader (from Canada) sent also a bunch new ones, I'll pack them all together and post them as soon as the Indian Summer starts :-) With proper dues to be paid, ofcourse!
Even found a few new ones myself...
I hope it never stops :-)
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Another blast from the past many thanks.. Gavin

cheeba said...

I figured you'd likely have the CD but was surprised to learn there were no session credits when I looked it up online. How is the sound on the disc? Did they over compress it? The dynamic range and noise floor on the wax is incredible!

cheeba said...

E-mile, be careful what you wish for... I have a friend who's been collecting versions of Duke's Caravan for 40 years and he's up to over 1000 on vinyl!

Lookin' forward to the "Indian Summer" edition(s)!

Simon666 said...

OK, here’s the two extra tracks form the CD reissue of the album, ripped at 320 : Mediafire 25mb, feel free to add it to the post.

They are “Bachi” and “Novios”, both written by Clare Fischer.

There are also versions of “Bachi” on Fischer’s ”Salsa Picante” and a version of “Novios” on Fischer’s ”Machaca”, but both of those versions have Fischer adding too much chorus to the Rhodes (“Novios”) and adding nasty wavetable synth (“Bachi”), which he didn’t do too well …

I think these versions from the “Huracan:” sessions are much better, plus the percussion’s hotter! Anyway enjoy …

cheeba said...

Thank you kindly! I'll put an update in the body of the post.