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D*Note - Criminal Justice + Extras


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Critical darlings from the early 90s, D*Note were among the vanguard of those trying to bring jazz into the post-acid house era. Although technically a one-man band, Matt Winn collaborated with a tight-knit circle of friends connected to the Dorado/Filter label consisting primarily of Matt Cooper, Charlie Lexton (older brother to Jamie AKA Kid Loops) and Ceri Evans, with help early on from Gary Crosby (of Nu Troop and Jazz Jamaica). As the 90s petered out and the global house scene became an unstoppable phenomena, Matt W and crew kept with the times and scored a hit single in 2002 with Shed My Skin. As broken beat brought back a heavier reliance on jazz and polyrhythms in the earlier half of this decade, he followed suit and released Laguna. You can hear some of it yourself since Winn's posted a few tracks on his MySpace page.

Discogs Bio
The skills behind D*Note's brand of jazz, rap & rare groove belong chiefly to Matt Winn (Matt Wienevski), who is helped by scratcher Charlie Lexton (Cool Breeze) & occasional keyboard player Matt Cooper (who records for Dorado in his own right as
Outside). Their debut album housed the singles Now Is The Time, Bronx Bull, Scheme Of Things & The More I See, each of which enjoyed good reviews in their original formats. Criminal Justice the 2nd album, built on the energy level of the debut & included stand out tracks like the title, Inquinity Worker and the monumental The Garden Of Earthly Delights with a stand out performance by vocalist Pamela Anderson, a regular on the first three albums, who for obvious reasons changed her name to PY Anderson later on.

Other collaborators on the 1st albums include Ceri Evans (
Sunship), singer Dee Major & rappers Navigator and Krazy Cool D-Zine. Only Anderson resurfaced on the slightly disappointing third album, where D*Note moved in a more conventional housier direction. It does include one of their best anthems though, the moving Waiting Hopefully again starring Anderson. 4 Hero & Deep Dish graced the 12" versions with topnotch remixes.

AMG Review by John Bush
By the time of D*Note's second album, acid jazz had begun to get a bit stale, so Winn & Co. expanded the range of their sound, incorporating a bit of ragga-jungle on the title track (with chatting by MC Navigator), mainstream house on "Garden of Earthly Delights" (with the vocals of Pamela Anderson, sister of Jhelisa), and ambient jazz on "Deep Water." Despite the diversity, D*Note never fails to lose their character through it all, and the acid-jazz fusion comes off remarkably well.

Matt Winn - Composer, Flute, Drum Solos, Producer
Matt Cooper - Piano
Gary Crosby - Acoustic Bass
Pamela Anderson - Vocals
Dee Major - Vocals
Joy Malcolm - Vocals
MC Navigator - Vocals
Ceri Evans - Piano, Producer
Charlie Lexton - Producer

1 Criminal Justice
2 A Place In The City
3 Deep Water
4 Iniquity Worker
5 Perspex
6 Solomon's Blade
7 Flesh And Blood
8 V
9 The Garden Of Earthly Delights

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Cool Breeze - Acoustic Blues
Cool Breeze - Can't Deal With This (Kid Loops Remix)
Cool Breeze - Can't Deal With This
Cool Breeze (Special Projects) - 27 Years of Solitude
D-Note - Iniquity Worker (Devil's Work Mix)
D-Note - Now Is the Time
D-Note - The Garden Of Earthly Delights (X-Press 2 Radio Edit)
D-Note - Waiting Hopefully (4 Hero Remix)
D-Note - Waiting Hopefully (Faze Action Dub)
Steve Reich - Piano Phase (D*Note's Phased & Konfused mix)
from Reich Remixed.


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