Friday, 1 August 2008

Various Artists - Headz 2

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320 CBR LAME mp3
CD rip from MW061CD2 & MW062CD

By popular demand, Soundological brings you the complete Mo' Wax Headz 2 compilation from 1996. If you ask me, this time enthusiasm got the better of quality control as 4 discs is waaaay too much map for the territory covered here and this should have been pared down by half at least. When this came out, it played like practically every other voluminous left-field electronic compilation ubiquitous at the time and started sounding the death knell for a label renown for offering something groundbreaking or at least different.

In contrast to the earlier Royaltie$ Overdue (and to a lesser extent the first Headz comp) it's not even much of an historical document since the bulk of the material was kinda dated upon its release. Electronic music was keeping pace with Moore's Law and moving at breakneck speed in the first half of the 90s with sub- and sub-sub-genres popping up then dying out in the wink of an eye. Much of this collection was good but stale when it hit the streets and its price tag left a sour taste in the mouths of some who felt the bang for their buck just wasn't there. Having said that, still quite a few gems to be found in this pile of broken church-window glass and it's fairly safe to say everyone who enjoys electronica (particularly drum 'n' bass and broken beat) will find at least a few tracks they'll enjoy. No scans since I ripped it before I sold it to an acquaintance last fall.

2a CD 1
01 Nightmares On Wax - Nights Interlude
02 The Prunes - Cantona Style
03 Peshay - The Real Thing (90 BPM Version)
04 AIR - Modular (Modular Mix Produced By Solid)
05 The Dust Brothers - Searchin'
06 RPM - Flow
07 DJ Wally - My Bloody Valentine (Nitty Mix)
08 UNKLE - Garage Piano Featuring - KUDO Keyboards - Money Mark
09 DJ Krush - Kemuri ('94 Part II)
10 Sam Sever And The Raiders Of The Lost Art - Do You Understand? Featuring - Pablo Calogero
11 Stereo MC's - What Is Soul? (Instrumental)
12 Urban Tribe - Covert Action (Carl Craig Mix)
13 Lo-Fi Sensibilities - Cabin Fever
14 Midnight Funk Association - Code

2a CD 2
01 DJ Food - Concentric Circle
02 Cool Breeze - 27 Years Of Solitude
03 Stasis - Discotron
04 Scott Free & Cybil Ant - Mango Maracatu
05 Tortoise - The Source Of Uncertainty
06 Massive Attack - Karmacoma (UNKLE Situation Mix - Instrumental)
07 Beastie Boys - Bodhisattva Vow (Instrumental)
08 The Folk Implosion - Simean Groove
09 Olde Scottish - Martian Economics
10 Urban Tribe - Eastward (Forme Remix)
11 Lunar Funk - Spacewalk
12 Forme - New Element
13 DJ Solo - Pressure II
14 Innervisions - Organized Crime

2b CD 1
01 Luminis - Spectral Arc
02 Luke Vibert - Sharp A2
03 Money Mark - World Lesson Part II
04 Twig Bud - Swiss Air
05 UNKLE - The Time Has Come (Portishead Plays UNKLE Mix)
06 Grantby - It's Coming
07 Donut Productions - Wirecutter
08 The Dust Brothers - The Groomsman
09 Skull - Crash
10 Beastie Boys - Flute Loop (Instrumental)
11 DJ Krush - Maze
12 Attica Blues - Sketch
13 Jungle Brothers - Ultimatum Ultra Mix (Jungle Beats/Jungle Bass)
14 Danny Breaks - Science Fu Beats
15 The Force - Future Tense

2b CD2
01 Palm Skin Productions - The Beast (System Remix)
02 Peshay - The Real Thing
03 Dillinja - In The Mood
04 DJ Krust & Roni Size - Tribetoon
05 Source Direct - The Silent Witness
06 As One - The Counterpoint
07 Innerzone Orchestra - Bug In The Bassbin (Street Mix)
08 Black Dog Productions - Object Orient
09 Special Forces - Trilogy
10 Max 404 - Quiddity (Last Visit)
11 Zimbabwe Legit - Doin' Damage In My Native Language (Shadow’s Legitimate Mix)


Henry Krinkle said...

Thanks for directing me to your good quality rip. Much appreciated.

cheeba said...

My pleasure!

I just noticed you posted the 1st Headz as well over at your blog

and I recommend folks go check it out!

buckshotgwen said...

Thanks for this marvelous post... I think the Mo'Wax back catalogue won't het any reissue at all.

I've been looking for those two gems for quite a long time as my original CDs burnt years ago. But that's anaother story :-)

If by any chance you possess the Faces Z complilation, would you be kind enough to post it as well sometimes.

cheeba said...

You're welcome, buckshotgwen!

Unfortunately I never picked up Faces Z as I had almost all of the tracks on 12"s and other comps...good luck and if I run across it in my travels I'll post a link here.

E-mile said...

cheeba, I missed myself leaving a comment for this... I have the (very rare) hard box cover edition
on vinyl (a birthday gift) worth a pretty fortune these days, some real gems on this one, like Kemuri by DJ Krush and countless others on this fine comp of chilled Mo' Wax tunes.
Cheeba Cheeba in the air indeed :-)
peace, E-mile

flageolette said...

Thank you very much for this!!

Anonymous said...

Nice one, I only have this on vinyl and as they crammed so many tunes on each side, the audio quality is shit! "Trilogy" is just amazing!!

Alberto Cos said...

Many thanks. Great taste amd job.

cheeba said...

You're welcome Alberto and I appreciate the kind words!

oAtStAo said...

ok, so it does look like the Prunes interludes are left off the CD issue? doesn't show up on discogs either. That's the only reason I bought it in the first place on the 4LP set. I do agree, dated upon release, well half of it. But some do ENJOY the tracks I don't so who knows then. Can't be so pretentious.
Anonymous says the audio quality is shit, well, it's spread out properly on the wax, not crammed . It is the fault of the wax they used. It's not virgin vinyl you can see what looks like bits of coloured plastic melted in but not too much - like recycled wax and this causes ALOT of pops and clicks. Right out the box. I sold my set, got half what I bought it for in 1996. So it's value decreases year by year.