Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Jimmy McGriff & Groove Holmes - Giants of the Organ Come Together


256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Groove Merchant GM-520

Jimmy McGriff - Hammond B-3
Richard "Groove" Holmes - Hammond B-3
O'Donel Levy - Guitar
George Freeman - Guitar
Bernard Purdie - Drums
Kwasi Jayourba - Conga

1 Licks A' Plenty
2 Out of Nowhere
3 The Squirrel
4 Finger Lickin' Good
5 How High The Moon
6 Things Ain't What They Used To Be

Jimmy McGriff dueling with Groove Holmes on organ. George Freeman in a showdown with O'Donel Levy. All four of them being egged on by Pretty Purdie and Kwasi Jayourba. Basically yer run-of-the-mill souljazz setup wetdream, produced by Sonny Lester no less. They could've skipped the "of the Organ" part and the title still would've been bang-on.

Dusty Groove's review:

Twin organs back to back -- and a heck of a hard-wailing set from Groove Holmes and Jimmy McGriff! The album cooks from the very first note -- and features long tunes that open up with the same sort of solo-heavy approach that you'd get on Holmes' Prestige albums of the 60s -- very stretched out, in a way that offers the keyboardists no cover at all, and forces them to keep thinking on their feet to come up with great notes! Bernard Purdie plays some nicely tight drums on the set, and guitar is by George Freeman and O'Donel Levy -- both of whom add some nice superdope touches to the set! A winner all the way through, with great solos -- and titles that include "Licks A Plenty", "The Squirrel", and "Finger Lickin' Good".

'Nuff said.

Also available as part of a double called Supa Cookin' which collects this with Giants of the Organ in Concert from the previous year.
Reissued by LRC and P-Vine in 2004 but seems to have already vapourized from the shelves, so you might not get to hear it unless you listen to Soundological's archive copy HERE or HERE.

Fair warning: this muther has been enjoyed quite a few times and the last couple tracks are a little dirty so have some surface noise, but it's not overwhelming.



many thanks for this gem!

avocado kid said...

This is a great LP! I've always loved "licks a plenty" - the licks do indeed get hotter and hotter as they egg each other. But it always seemed to me they faded the track out right as it was getting really great! Maybe the masters are out there somewhere and someday there will be an unfaded reissue... (ok, stop dreaming)

E-mile said...

looks great, don't mind some "cheeba" coming on top of it!
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

Thanks guys!

AK, I know what you mean about the fade. To me, fading out has almost always been a sign that the session deteriorated and the the remainder wound up on the editing room floor. Sometimes, like on "licks," I get the feeling it's because they went on forever and they had to cut it somewhere. If that's the case, it would be sweet if full masters were sitting around Lester's house somewhere...

deaf one said...

great post! I have been looking for this one as well as the live giants of the organ in concert. the digital world you are helping to create is beautiful. Now for a greasy meal of hammond and soul funk.

cheeba said...

bon appetite, d.o.!

cheeba said...

hey deaf one, i don't know if you had a chance to see The Mean Machine post on this blog but El Goog provided a link to the concert.

Michael said...

Tank you very much!
Great post!