Thursday, 14 August 2008

Moe Koffman - Moe's Curried Soul

Moe's Curried Soul
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Kama Sutra KSBS 2018

As mentioned yesterday, the title track is used as the opening and closing themes respectively for the CBC radio show As It Happens.

Moe Koffman - Flute, Dual Saxes (Alto & Tenor)
Doug Riley - Keys
Lenny Breau - Guitar
Dave Young - Double-bass
Larnell Lewis - Drums

1 Curried Soul
2 You Are My Sunshine
3 Li'l Bitty Pretty One
4 Sunshine Superman
5 Country Song
6 Anteater's Dance
7 High Heel Sneakers
8 Cantelope Island

This LP was really the start of his move out of straight-ahead jazz and into the fusion direction he generally would follow until the late 70s, pictured below. I've provided what info I could dig up and also any tracks floating around out there. For full discog info, you can go to the Catalogue of Canadian Instrumental Music.

1957 The Shepherd Swings Again!

at What...Cat 8 Your Tongue?

1962 Tales of Koffman

at mohaoffbeat

1967 Moe Koffman Goes Electric

1968 Turned On

Hear "James Brown's Bag" on a Funky 16 Corners mix at Flea Market Funk.

1969 Moe's Curried Soul

at Soundological

1971 Moe Koffman Plays Bach

1972 The Four Seasons

at Soundological

1973 Master Sessions

1972 Sorcerer's Dance

A reissue of Moe's Curried Soul on Hopi Records

1974 Solar Explorations
1975 Live at George's

1976 Jungle Man

Cover illustration by heebie-jeebies genius Gahan Wilson.
at Soundological

1977 Museum Pieces
at Soundological

1978 Things Are Looking Up

1979 Back to Bach

1983 Best Of

at Soundological

1986 One Moe Time

at mohaoffbeat

1988 Oop-Pop-A-Da

here (originally posted at Call It Anything)

Doug Riley was the mastermind behind Dr. Music, notable for having a couple members assist with the sessions for Funkadelic's Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On while Clinton, Worrell and Simon were living in Toronto. More on Riley and Dr. Music in weeks to come.

Lenny Breau is one of the greatest jazz guitarists who ever lived. If you don't think so, watch the first excerpt from the documentary
The Genius of Lenny Breau below and let George Benson tell you so himself. His life came to an end tragically and his murder at the age of 43 remains unsolved.

The Genius of Lenny Breau

Dave Young has played on-stage and in numerous sessions with dozens of jazz giants, including Kenny Burrell, Nat Adderly, Cedar Walton, James Moody, Gary Burton. He remains active and you can learn more about him and his current projects at his site.

Larnell Lewis is still kickin' it behind the kit in the Canadian jazz scene. However, he's not to be confused with the 24 year-old drum prodigy Larnell "Stixx" Lewis, who also happens to be from Canada.

There's actually a huge amount of MK material out there on eBay and at sites like GEMM, Music Stack, etc. but you can nick this OOP soulflutejazzadelic treat from Soundological HERE or HERE.


Emile said...

Me like (again) !
if you haven't already, be sure to check the flute mixes over at my little baby blog.
You have any more of this beauties
stashed awa(i)y(ting) for us???
Love to be "Turned On" as well :-)
The front of the album looks painfull enough, though...
thanks cheeba, for these Moe's.
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

No mo' Moes since these are the only ones I held onto over the years. Never had a copy of Turned On but have always kept a look out for it when I'm digging - can't miss the cover, right? Rest assured if I do procure it'll make it's way here.

I do have a few more LPs in the same modjazz vein which will find their way here in the days to come.

I'll be checking out some of that flooty bizness on your blog. Would you be able to recommend a particular mix# to start me off?

E-mile said...

cheeba, maybe my first mix does it for you:
but I found it hard to choose :-)
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

On my way now, E-mile!

Tim said...

I think your blog is great. I'm currently trying to track down mp3 or wma versions of moe's "curried soul" and "koff drops".
Where did you get your version of curried soul/do you also have a digital version of koff drops?
- Tim

cheeba said...

Hi Tim, thanks for your support!

The version of "Curried Soul" above was ripped from my vinyl copy and the mp3 for the track is in the file for your aural enjoyment!

It's funny you ask about "Koff Drops" because I never had a version but the day before yesterday I ran across one of Moe's greatest hits comps and it was on there. I'll be ripping, scanning and posting it in the next couple of weeks so stay tuned!

moha said...

I also posted [1962] - Tales of Koffman You'll find it

cheeba said...

Hi Moha! Got that one in your original post but sarted the discog w/ Moe's "electric" period. Will add both of your shares to he discog soon!

The Basement Rug said...

I just discovered this page linking over to me at The Basement Rug. I have indeed posted the entire Koffman double LP: Live at George's. Enjoy! And if you download it, PLEASE register and post a comment. Me so lonely for comments :)

moha said...

You can also find at CIA 2008.jan post of Oop-Pop-A-Da (1988)"alpax said..." ...if it works

January 20, 2008 6:42 PM

Anonymous said...

cheeba, many thanks for pointing me here. I had this but in real poor quality. Added your link to my Lenny Breau discog.

cheeba said...

My pleasure porco!

If anyone is interested in more Lenny Breau, I recommend you slide over to porco's Guitar & The Wind blog:

gf said...

hi, i think im missing something here. how do i d/l this? dying for a copy of curried soul.

cheeba said...

hi gf!

at the very end of the post are the words "HERE" and "HERE" in all capital letters.

One points to RapidShare and one points to Sharebee.

Let me know if you need more help!

gf said...

WOW, thanks cheeba! im just blind lol.

this is great. i went on a massive search and was able to find a 45 of curried soul. it is pretty dirty and plays with lots of pops and cracks so this is nice to have a digital copy!

a interesting observation, the 45 i have which was on karma sutra 1970, has the b side as country soul and not country song as your lp picture shows.

again thanks for this!

cheeba said...

Glad you finally got it, gf!

As for the b-side, I noticed that difference too when I was compiling these Koffman posts since it's in the discogs listing as "country Soul" as well.

I assumed it was the same song with slightly different names. Since you have both, any chance you can you confirm if that's the case?

gf said...

hey again cheeba,

i can confirm 100% that the 45 lists it as country soul and it is indeed the same song. if you want some pics to add here, just let me know, i will do my best :)


cheeba said...

Thanks, gf!

You've corroborated the entry well enough for me but if you do manage to upload a pic, I'd be happy to post it.

gog said...

That track; "Curried Soul" has been the theme song to the evening world events magazine on our national broadcaster, CBC Radio's "As It Happens" since as long as I can remember. It conjures up visions of soccer moms doing the frug, and for me, has kind of ruined an otherwise flawless library cut.
I'd love a copy of "Turned On!" though. Yet another version of "Up Up And Away" is always welcome in my library.

cheeba said...


Yup...bein' a canuck kid from the 70s myself i am right there with ya

and years after posting still looking for 'Turned On' myself.

Can't even scare up a playable vinyl copy.