Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Mandingo III - The Art Of Survival

256+ VBR LAME mp3

Vinyl rip & scans from EMI QL-6420

Lookin' around for the next post, I thought I'd finally rip a couple albums I hadn't played in a while. A few years ago when I last looked for digital versions of the Mandingo albums I picked up from delete bins waaay back in the 80s, I couldn't find nothin' nowhere. This time
I found "Primeval Rhythm of Life" pretty easily. In fact, here it is courtesy of It's Coming Out Of Your Speaker...

So I spent a few hours ripping and cleaning up the third album, "A Story of Survival" from 1974.
Unlike the Sun Ra rip I processed this one a bit to get rid of some table rumble and pink noise and realised the table I'm borrowing ain't so high end. But I did what I could and it's not too bad.

Of course, wouldn't you know it but I finally found a copy of this on Heino and Jerry right before posting. Looks like they got it from Mr Xtabay who has a good review but a dead link. I grabbed the tracks in the box and liked the transfer. Mine has a few more crackles but a bit less noise and some more bottom end. Since this LP
fetches big bucks and even the '99 CD reissues are scarce, I thought another version floating around out there might not be so bad.

For more on this insane studio project featuring
Nick Ingman, Brian Fahey, Mike Vickers, Alan Ainsworth, Roger Webb and the Geoff Love Orchestra, peep the Vinyl Vulture's Mandingo bio and ENJOY the MADNESS!


Tom said...

Hey, I really dig this! 8) Thank you, Cheeba!

cheeba said...

Glad you like it!

Look a new blog devoted to library records is starting up at


If you like this, you you might want to look for some of the names in the post to find similar stuff on library labels like KPM, DeWolfe, Bruton, Themes International, etc.

Tom said...

Wonderful. Thanks again, Cheeba. Cheers!

Gianni said...

thank you!
big blog!

E-mile said...

the very first Mandingo (yes the one with those tits on the cover)
-and a add for the 4-way sound revolution- is by far the wildest of the Mandingo inheretance...
peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - excellent site.

Reza said...

Hi just re going through your site just in case missed something :)
I have this and Savage Rite on zonophone cd if you want perfect rip just let me know

cheeba said...

Cheers, Rez! Might not be a bad idea... I may not be able to re-rip this one for quite a while.

Reza said...

do you want both albums ?
I dont mind if you post on your blog
upload or grab from slsk
wav or mp3

Anonymous said...

Plz help me..where is the download link?