Monday, 14 July 2008

Invisibl Skratch Piklz - The Shigger Fragger Show Volume #4 ORIGINAL C-90

Cassette rip & scan from original Hip Hop Slam cassette

Lest you think this blog is more of all that jazz, Soundological presents a couple of significant rarities in the realm of hip hop. This is the second of two tapes given to me personally by DJ Q-Bert at a gig in Calgary back in '96. I was writing a music column for the weekly rag, FFWD, and interviewed him over the phone for a promo piece in the paper. I recall him as tight-lipped on the phone, but warmer when I spoke to him for a minute or two after the show. He pulled out the two tapes I posted today, put them in my hand and thanked me for "gettin' the word out." Then he was immediately swamped by every local DJ and head who bum rushed the stage after he finished twistin' the cap off the crowd's top with his routine. I coulda sworn they were gonna carry him off on their shoulders!

Although The Shigger Fragger Shows were released on CD back in '99, I haven't heard those.
The turntablism scene had ceased to appeal to me well before then since I wasn't a participant. What I can say is that it's a 90 min cassette, so this version of Vol 4 in the series clocks in at a full hour-and-a-half of wacky double-deck dementia and some sick beats among the pyrotechnics. Even if you already have the version on CD, this set is guaranteed to be at least 10 minutes longer. Luckily, I kept my pro tape deck all these years so the rips came out clean. I only played this once before I ripped it tonight, so it sounds pristine for a decade-old underground cassette that was recorded live and dubbed onto lo-fi magnetic tape. Get this rarely-heard hip hop artefact thanks to a special grant from the Soundological Foundation.

Side A or HERE
Side B or HERE

As much as I like and appreciate technique, I don't go to drum competitions or guitar contests either. By my 4th DMC, 5th ISP gig and umpteenth local turntablism show I had an epiphany: if you put Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler in a sax-only band, it would sound like a wall of turd and would get tired PDQ too. I could finally agree to disagree with the DMC even though I continue to hold it, and turntablists, in high esteem. Thankfully it seems younger crews are trying to reach out more to the crowds, like C2C from France:

C2C DMC 2003

C2C DMC 2004

C2C DMC 2005

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