Sunday, 13 July 2008

VA - Essential Funk Classics Vol 1 (Deep Beats 1994)

256 VBR LAME mp3

CD rip & scans from Deep Beats DGPCD 684

AMG Review by John Bush

"They may not be essential as most funk fans understand the word, but this collection compiled by Deep Beats includes 14 great tracks -- most of which are rarely heard except by collectors sporting high-end turntables. It doesn't sound quite essential from the track listing -- "Hustle Bus Stop" by Mastermind, "Hypertension" by Calender, "The Message" by Cymande, "Every Way But Loose" by Plunky & the Oneness of Juju (remixed by disco legend Larry Levan), and "Waterbed, Pts. 1-2" by LTG Exchange -- but the grooves are deep and Essential Funk Classics is a great place to turn for listeners who think they've run out of great listening."

This killer collection is from '94 and long out of print. Dope bunch of beats that still aren't that easy to find on comps, let alone original pressings. For the hard wah-wah and disco funk fanatics, this is packed with floor-filling monsters. In 15 years spinning rare groove, funk and jazz the Larry Levan mix of Plunky & The Oneness of Juju's "Every Way But Loose" never fails on the floor and it outright pops the top if they're an up for it crowd. If discofied hard funk is what you need, this is essential indeed!

Get ready to
get down!

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