Monday, 28 July 2008

Blue Mitchell - Collision In Black

Collision In Black
256+ VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip & scans from Blue Note BST-84300

This record is highly sought after and for good reason. Blue's blowing had blown minds but three weeks earlier with his heavyweight work on the recently departed Jimmy McGriff's
The Worm, which was just about to hit the shelves as Mitchell went into the studio to record Collision In Black. Perhaps due to that experience he opted for an even funkier soul-jazz sound than he had toyed with on his previous release and one that he would continue to explore with great results until his premature death in 1979. This session comes between Heads Up! and Bantu Village in the Blue Note Catalogue, although both the latter and Collision were not included in the otherwise comprehensive package of his Blue Note era put out by Mosaic a couple years ago. After Bantu, he joined and toured with Ray Charles and then the John Mayall Band, recording solo LPs on Mainstream during his downtime.

Not much out there as far as reviews except this one by Motown67 at Soul Strut:
In the 1960s Blue Mitchell began recording with Blue Note. There he often worked with Monk Higgins who did the arranging, and some of the song writing and production on Collision In Black. Higgins also played on the record along with Ernie Watts and Paul Humphrey. It was during this period and with this album that Mitchell began moving away from playing Bop to a more soulful and commercially aimed form of Jazz. On Collision In Black you hear some really early forms of Soul-Jazz such as the title track, Deeper In Black, Jo Ju Ja, I Ain’t Jivin, Digging In The Dirt, Who Dun It, Kick It and Keep Your Soul. Swahilli Suite, written by Higgins, is the best cut with its horn arrangement and solo by Mitchell. A very solid album for low-key Soul-Jazz.

Blue Mitchell - Trumpet, Horn
Monk Higgins - Organ, Piano, Arranger, Sax (Tenor)
Dee Ervin - Organ, Percussion
Miles Grayson - Percussion, Piano
Paul Humphrey - Drums
John Cyr - Percussion
Bob West - Bass
Al Vescovo - Guitar
Anthony Ortego - Sax (Tenor)
Jack Redmond - Trombone
Dick Hyde - Trombone
Ernie Watts - Flute
Jim Horn - Flute

1 Collision In Black
2 Deeper In Black
3 Jo Ju Ja
4 Blue on Black
5 Swahili Suite
6 Monkin' Around
7 Keep Your Nose Clean
8 I Ain't Jivin'
9 Digging in the Dirt
10 Who Dun It?
11 Kick It
12 Keep Your Soul Together

This classic is long OOP and has never been issued on CD but readers of
Soundological have a chance to hear it HERE and HERE.


E-mile said...

cheeba, I really thought I couldn't get excited over yet another Blue Note LP... BOY, I was sooo wrong! Swings like mad from start till the end! Amazingly good record, T.H.A.N.K.S.
peace, E-mile

cheeba said...

Gotta love that Monk Higgins magic, huh? No one can seem to explain why this hasn't been reissued which is a real head-scratcher. Glad you enjoy it.

Bantu Village over at My Jazz World is along the same vein as this so I recommend checking it out if you haven't already.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

johnv said...

Thanks for this one Cheeba--I know all about "Bantu Village" but had never seen this one before. I'll be looking forward to grooving later on.

Anonymous said...

ive been searchin for this one FOREVER. one billion thank-you's!!! ***NO!*** two billion

cheeba said...

If you like Bantu, you'll be happy. Enjoy!

Andy said...

Thank you very much.

B3 said...

Couldn't get excited over another Blue Note LP? I hope I never have that feeling! I really look forward to checking in on this. I have so many great albums where Mitchell is the penultimate sideman, but none of his as a leader.

taro nombei said...

This is much appreciated, Cheeba-san.
Like others, I am very familiar with (and groove on) Bantu Village. So I'm looking forward to this plenty...
best regards from Japan

Gianni said...

disco essenziale durante una mia fase di vita.
ringrazio cheeba per avermi fatto ricordare intensi momenti passati.

cheeba said...

musica e memorie sono molto vicine!

Simon666 said...

Enjoying this one today, love "jo Ja Ja", thanks Cheeba :)

cheeba said...

Glad to hear it Simon! I've come back to this record so many times in the 20-odd years I've owned it. One of my all-time favs - a slam dunk from Blue and Monk, that's for sure!