Saturday, 19 July 2008

Black Science Orchestra - Altered States / Walter's Room

Here's some more Beedle for your needle - if not the one attached to the tone arm, the one embedded in the digital junkie's arm at least. See bio info for Ashley Beedle over at the Ballistic Brothers post on Soundological. For his BSO effort, Ashely forsook the talents of buds Rocky & Diesel for a heavier reliance on Uschi Classen and engineer Marc Woolford. The album is named in deference to one of the early pioneers of the extended remix, Walter Gibbons. In all seriousness, if you just glossed over that link and you don't really know who Gibbons was then you better check yourself and click on that link, kiddo. You're in for a treat. Then go to the Disco Museum for a nice in-depth bio on the man you can read while listening to BSO's homage to the glory days of Philly, New York and Jersey disco. Shout out to Julian over at Play Jazz Loud for his psychic request!

AMG Review

by John Bush
Ashley Beedle rewires the original American disco template for a set of updated grooves more reminiscent of Philadelphia International than Strictly Rhythm (even the title is a reference to one of the original disco DJs and remixers, Walter Gibbons). Tracks like "Downtown Science" and "Save Us (The Jam)" find a common ground between house and its '70s forebear, with strings and vibes and keyboards adding to the earthy atmosphere.

Here they are for your summer listening and party pleasure. Enjoy!

The Altered States EP
256 VBR LAME mp3
Vinyl rip from JBO 22, scans from

A1 Philadelphia
A2 Drumadelphia
B1 New Jersey Deep
B2 Varrio (SOS)

CD rip of New Jersey Deep @ 256 CBR LAME mp3

Walter's Room
224 CBR LAME mp3
CD rip & scans from Junior Boy's Own JBOCD5

1 Start The Dancer
2 City Of Brotherly Love
3 A Hot Family Day
4 Bless The Darkness
5 Just Holdin' On
6 Hudson River Revisited
7 St. Mark's Square
8 Save Us (The Jam)
9 Downtown Science
10 Rican Opus #9
11 Hudson River High


jazzelicious said...

thx cheba

Julian said...

New Jersey Deep! an all time classic. better than the original for me. has more bite.

J Thyme...kind said...

From the first notes of this Walter's Room I'm diggin'. Thanks for sharing QUALITY. Why bother otherwise?

jazzelicious said...

hey man i just now read your comment
on my blog lol
but thx for it for link great blog
keep in touch

Fábio Bridges said...

Thanx a lot for this!!!

taro nombei said...

Looking forward to this -- thanks for keeping the links alive!

jerome green said...

Hi Cheeba,

Wow!!!! I'm a student of everything Walter (I have most comps and mixes as well as some 12s such as an original scratchy "Hit And Run", but I never got a chance to hear this since I found out about it in 1998. You can't imagine how I feel right now listening to it. Actually, you CAN imagine how I feel! Thank you so much.

Peace, Jerome

cheeba said...

Hi Jerome,

I sure can! I was in much the same position when it came out - had loads of Salsoul 12"s and other Gibbons mixes and was big on disco house but this one did a great job of merging those together.

Glad you're enjoying and really appreciate the comment to let me know!

Migz said...

Hi Cheeba thanx for the up ;) i absolutely love black science orchestra ;)You haven't by any chance got Hey Steve & Where Were You by black science orchestra have you can't seem to find these rare 2 tracks anywhere.............. cheerz again Migz ;)