Sunday, 13 July 2008

VA - What It Is (Luv N' Haight 1993)

256-320 VBR LAME mp3
CD rip & scans from Luv N' Haight LHCD008

Another funky treat for y'all, this time much more on the jazz tip, as should be obvious from the imprint. Luv N' Haight was one of the earliest labels to spread the acid jazz gospel in North America and around the world. Their first comps are legendary and the good news is Ubiquity has been reissuing them lately. The bad news is they're flying off the shelves when they reprint, so pick 'em up if you see 'em. Some of them are still out of print, including this one.

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If there's a demand, I'm sitting on a few other OOP LNH comps (all vinyl):


Gianni said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

thank you for sharing
and there is a big demand for the ubiquityrecords - luv-haight records - i´ve got the jazz dance classics 1-4 but it´s very used vinyl with some hops. if you could share them (and also the other unknown luv´n haight albums you´re showing in the pic) i will love you for that....

cheeba said...

Hi Eltona, you're welcome and thanks for the comment!

If you want to check out more Luv 'n' Haight material (including those pictured) then head over to flageolette and funkydisposition for a large selection

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot
(minimum 1000times)

Anonymous said...

hello it´s me again...
there´s another one i´looking for
may be you could help me again? :


cheeba said...

hi eltona, you're welcome!

as far as the souljazz compilation goes, sorry but don't have it and don't know anyone sharing it right now. you might want to try looking for it on soulseek

flageolette said...

Hey Nymous & Cheeba,
London Jazz Classics (Vol.1,2 & 3 on SoulJazz)

can be found @ flageolette ...

flageolette said...


I meant you & Eltona.

London Jazz Classics on SoulJazz Records (All 3) @